They ranked the world's laziest countries. So guess where India falls Advertisement

They ranked the world’s laziest countries. So guess where India falls

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By Amy De Klerk  July 19th, 2017

A new study from scientists at the University of Stanford has analysed 68 million days’ worth of minute-by-minute data to calculate how different countries rank in terms of activeness. Using data from people’s smartphones, the figures ranked nations according to how many steps individuals took each day, the BBC has reported.

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Hong Kong was top of the list, averaging 6,880 steps a day, compared with the global average, which sat at 4,961. In last place was Indonesia, which saw individuals walking just 3,513 steps each day. Meanwhile, Brits hit an average of 5,444 while Indians were hovering around 4,000 steps. 

The findings, which were published in the journal Nature, also highlighted some important insights for how we can improve people’s health.

When it came to obesity levels, the actual average number of steps people took did not seem to correlate directly. However, the “activity inequality” seemed to make the difference. Basically, the bigger the difference was between the fittest and the laziest people in the country, the higher obesity rates were likely to be.


“For instance, Sweden had one of the smallest gaps between activity rich and activity poor, it also had one of the lowest rates of obesity,” researcher Tim Althoff explained. This could be compared with Mexico and the United States, which had similar step averages to one another. However, the US had a greater disparity between the most and least active in the country and also had higher obesity rates.

The results also helped pinpoint cities which has better “walkability” and therefore a higher step average, which can now be used to help in future town and city planning.


Amp up your fitness activity with these additions to your home


The kettlebell is a cast-iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. While characteristically, they are similar to dumbbells, the benefits are better. They are helpful in improving balance, flexibility and upper body strength.

Celebrity loyalists

Sonam Kapoor credits her fit shape to intense kettlebell workouts. Katrina Kaif and Gigi Hadid also train with this equipment.

How to use

Kettlebells handle differently than dumbbells. Because of the central weight distribution, there is a risk of injury to your wrists, shoulders or lower back if you don’t use it properly. For any kettlebell workout, keep your feet planted and your weight on your heels. Be careful to never lift a kettlebell directly over your head. And never arch your lower back.

Resistance bands

Portable and easy to store, resistance bands can help improve your balance, speed of movement and flexibility while reducing joint pain too.

Celebrity loyalists

Supermodel Karlie Kloss and actress Julianne Hough regularly post videos of themselves using resistance bands while working out on Instagram.

How to use

Resistance bands are customizable according to your strength level. Make sure you pick one based on your endurance and the exercise that you’ll be doing. While using, the band should be secured in a way that the length is appropriate to give resistance in any direction.

Skipping rope

Like trampolines, this childhood favourite can be an effective way to workout. Exercising with a jump rope (check out Decathlon)  can help you build cardio fitness, balance, flexibility and bone strength.

Celebrity loyalists

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Padma Lakshmi, Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian all skip their way to fitter bodies.

How to use

One of the major things to look out for while working out with a skipping rope is its size. When you hold the rope under one foot, the handles should just reach your armpits. Revolve the rope using your wrists and not your shoulders.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is versatile in that apart from helping you perfect your asanas, it can also aid in executing floor exercises, easily. The mat can provide comfort between the body and the floor and cushions your hips, elbows and knees.

Celebrity loyalists

Long-time yoga enthusiasts like Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora Khan and Jennifer Anniston can be seen toting one around to their yoga sessions.

How to select the right mat

Most yoga mats are made of PVC that keeps the slippage on the mat to a minimum and is also cost-effective. It’s, however, not biodegradable. If you want to be eco-friendly, you can go for recycled rubber (check out Rumi), jute, cotton and even bamboo options. The thickness of your mat also depends on your use. If you intend to take it with you while you’re travelling, then a mat with 1/16inch thickness is recommended. If you want extra cushioning for your knees and elbows, then opt for a 1/4 inch thick mat. You can always try out and see which one works for you before you decide. 

Stability ball

This oversized version of your favourite kiddie toy makes basic moves like planks, push-ups and squats more effective as it provides an unstable surface.  

Celebrity loyalists

It makes a regular appearance in Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt’s workout videos.

How to use

If you have back problems or other chronic physiological concerns, then it’s best to consult your doctor and trainer before using a stability ball. To know how to pick the right kind for your needs, sit on the ball and make sure your hips and knees are perpendicular to the floor.