From Shoes To Bags, It’s Time To Safeguard The Precious Buys

With a sartorial shift towards vegan alternatives for leather, the conscious awakening only points in one direction—taking care of leather that you already own. But with a material that is susceptible to change with weather fluctuations, keeping leather safe can be tricky. Too much heat can cause it to crack, while moisture can lead to fungus. How do you navigate this difficult task, especially when the rains create havoc? 

Fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Rhea Bhayani and Fariha Ansari Javed who’s wardrobes are home to classics like the Birkin and Kelly bags, let us in on their leather expertise. Here’s all you need to do to protect leather during the monsoons.

Make Sure Your Leather Is Dry


During the monsoon season, the moisture in the air can get accumulated in the creases of the leather. This can lead to the attraction of fungus on the skin and can cause permanent damage. The most important tip for taking care of leather during the rains is to ensure that you dry your bags and shoes with a towel or a soft muslin cloth. Another hack to prevent your expensive purchases from catching moisture is to not store them in plastic bags. The moisture trapped inside the plastic can damage the leather by attracting fungus rapidly. 

Fariha adds, “Moisture is the worst enemy for leather. If you will be outdoors during a rainy day, ensure to choose your bag sensibly and carry a plastic rain cover. When you get home, dry your bag with a clean, dry soft towel and store the bag back in a dust bag and box. It is also imperative that leather goods be kept in a cool, dry place, so you don’t have any issues with mildew or discolouration.”

Condition And Use A Waterproof Spray


If you’re out frequently, it’s best to purchase a waterproof spray for your leather bags and shoes to combat the rains. Spray it generously on the leather to safeguard it against water and moisture.

In case you don’t know where to start with this process, Rhea Bhayani’s tip is good, to begin with. “If my bags do get wet in the rain, I instantly wipe off the drops and leave them to air dry once I’m back home. I clean the leather with facial cleansing wipes and then occasionally use a leather conditioner. For my shoes, especially those made from certain skins, I use a soft cloth to clean them. I also use the Vetro power spray for most of my footwear,” she shares.

Let The Leather Breathe


Just like human skin, leather needs an open surrounding to breathe so as to prevent rot and mould. A good tip during monsoon is to remove your bags and shoes from the sealed bags and place them in the open. The air can help the moisture on the bag to evaporate, making it ready to go back in the boxes again.

Invest In A Rain Jacket


The thought of owning a raincoat for your expensive bags and shoes may seem bizarre at first. But the fact is, it really helps. You ought to think of it as an insurance policy for your handbag. “As ugly as they look, I often use a rain jacket for the Hermes Kelly. They are starting to become a trend with all the fancy bag designs coming out,” Rhea concludes.

Photographs: Instagram

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