Every woman in India can relate to this video about “appropriate dressing”

We should be able to wear what we want, love whom we want, claim our public spaces, not fear violence. Our gender should not define how safe we feel in the world. We have to look at each other through a new, unblinkered gaze — at home, in our workplaces, on the street, on our phones. We have to look at each other with respect and empathy and protect each other’s interests. WEvolve is a World Bank initiative working in creative spaces to challenge social norms, stereotypes and attitudes related to gender.

The initiative aims to liberate women and men from restraining gender norms so they can pursue their passions, improve their wellbeing, develop healthy relationships and be safe. Social norms, attitudes and stereotypes are at the heart of persistent gender gaps in India and worldwide. A seminal 20-country World Bank study confirms that gender norms, beliefs, and attitudes are ‘the last mile’ in achieving gender parity.

Brave new world

It’s fine if she likes casual sex

It’s fine if he cries

It’s fine if she’s more buff than him

It’s fine if he hates sports

It’s fine if she likes to wear short skirts

It’s fine if HE likes to wear short skirts

It’s fine she wants to stay out late at night

It’s fine if he kisses him

It’s fine if she provides for him

It’s fine if she says no

When we are equal, we’re stronger. When we are free, we are powerful.

Go to Wevolveglobal.org to start a conversation now. 

Location courtesy: Kitchen Garden, Zido Salon, Candies, Tangerine Arts Studio, Le Mill. Hair & Makeup: Avni Rambhia.

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