This is the most important relationship in any woman's life Advertisement

This is the most important relationship in any woman’s life

“Is it too much to ask for a bra that I can sleep in?”

By Marks & Spencer  May 5th, 2017

Hand to the heart, most women would gladly admit that the hunt for the right bra trumps the search for finding the right guy. Because boyfriends come and boyfriends go, but the self-confidence and killer posture that a good bra provides? That’s for keeps.

Silently making you feel as sexy on the inside as your bodycon dress is making you look on the outside; a good bra is that one stable relationship that Tinder and its ilk have yet to deliver on. Hit that jackpot of straps that stay put, underwire that isn’t threatening to suffocate you and cups that actually support your curves, and voilà. Magic does exist, and it happens every time you find a bra that lets you actually feel free and comfortable.

Your fairy godmother may routinely go MIA, but London-based retail giant Marks & Spencer has definitely been paying attention to our demands. A well-fitted bra so comfortable that it’s almost like not wearing one? It’s not just a dream anymore.