Lisa Haydon Lalvani is the new face of Kerastase

Motherhood has anything but slowed down Lisa Haydon Lalvani. “I’m as active as ever, maybe even more so now—though my activities have changed a bit,” says the model-turned-actor who splits her time between her day job, tending to her two-year-old son Zack, making multiple travel plans, and being brand ambassador for Kérastase. All this while she’s also burning up our Instagram feeds with her perfectly tousled hair and casually fabulous holiday pictures. The 32-year-old tells us about the simple fitness routine that helps her stay at the top of her game, and why she wouldn’t trade a day at the beach for anything.

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ELLE: How do you start your day?

Lisa Haydon Lalvani: I really should create a better morning routine, but I usually eat whatever breakfast I’m craving that day, and my vitamin supplements. A good workout is very important to me as well, and I manage to do ballet barre twice a week. When I’m travelling, I look to Mary Helen Bowers’s ballet-inspired workout videos online or I’ll look up local studios and hiking trails in the vicinity. More recently, I’ve also begun to enjoy horse riding.

ELLE: Which products form the mainstay of your daily beauty routine?

LHL: Since I prefer an all-natural, minimalistic look, I need to take very good care of my skin and hair. My beauty routine has been the same over the years; I’ve probably added a few more products, like the City Super sunscreen by Clinique. I apply the SK-II toner after cleansing my face, and then moisturise with Clinique as well—I prefer their gel during summer and the creamier moisturiser in winter. I recently tried a retinol cream, but I’m not sold on it yet, especially because it requires me to stay out of the sun, and I’m always in the sun. I’ve also added a masque and the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil to keep my hair nourished.

ELLE: You’re back to darker hair now, but what inspired your earlier blonde transformation?

LHL: I enjoyed being blonde and pretending to be a mermaid. I always knew I’d soon go back to a more natural-looking hair colour, hence the change. During that time, I learnt that you cannot underestimate the importance of a good hair care routine. My regular quick-fix to condition my hair has always been the Kérastase Fusio-dose.

ELLE: What makes you feel confident?

LHL: Confidence is a state of mind, really. You must have hope and a positive perspective on things. If I feel I want to change something, I do it. Staying true to myself and working for what I want is really important to me.

ELLE: What’s been a big beauty learning over the years?

LHL: I’ve noticed how important it is to change the way we do our make-up as our face changes over time. Basically, we should never get stuck in a rut. If I were still plucking my eyebrows thin, like I did in the ’90s as a teen, it would look odd compared to the thick brows I enjoy having today.

ELLE: Who are the beauty experts you have on speed dial?

LHL: I trust Dr Harshna Bijlani at Ageless Clinic in Mumbai for a good facial, and Loic Chapoix at Dessange Mumbai for my hair. KXU in London and H-Kore in Hong Kong are my go-to gyms.

ELLE: How do you feel about aging?

LHL: It’s just as much about embracing the new, as it is about growing out of things that no longer suit you. I enjoyed so much craziness in my 20s, but each decade brings so many new things, that I wouldn’t want to carry on reliving the same stuff. I look forward to all of my life and everything it will bring.

PHOTOGRAPH : Farrokh Chothia

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