Lisa Haydon on the one hair trick she uses to get gorgeous beach hair

While you’ve heard (and paid heed) to the ‘long hair, don’t care’ vibe for long, Lisa Haydon wants you to rethink your routine. The supermodel and actor recently experimented by colouring her hair platinum blonde, but if there’s one thing that’s remained constant — it’s her long, healthy mane. So how does she tackle split ends in between days at the beach and dealing with the busy mom syndrome? With a little bit of extra effort, she claims. We got her to spill the deets on how you can upgrade your haircare regimen:

ELLE: You’ve always had dark hair in the past. What prompted the decision to dye your hair blonde?
Lisa Haydon: I’m not very experimental with my hair and I’ve always stuck to shades of browns and black. And that’s honestly because I enjoy having good quality of hair over anything else —it’s got to be really strong, long, healthy and shiny. Blonde is the only colour I’ve been tempted to try and my hairstylist Florian Hurel assured me that my hair wouldn’t get damaged. People always think the colour only goes with fair, Caucasian skin but I feel like I’m really cheating the rules now, by having blonde hair and tan skin. I won’t lie, I feel like a real life mermaid.

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ELLE: Has your routine changed after bleaching your hair?
LH: For the past 10 years, I’ve used Bain Oléo-Relax to shampoo and the Resistance Extentioniste conditioner, followed by the Nutritive serum [all by Kérastase] to maintain my hair health. Now, I also use the Oléo Curl leave-in conditioner as an extra step to give my hair the care it needs.

ELLE: How do you get gorgeous, beach waves on holiday?
LH: I love spending time in the ocean, so I live with the Nutritive serum in my hair on holiday. I apply a lot of it before I go into the water to keep hair moisturised in salt water.  When I come out, I apply the Oléo-Curl conditioner to the ends. Your hair is going to be curly on holiday, so you’d rather enhance them than straighten or blowdry your hair.

ELLE: What’s the best tip you can share for long hair?
LH: If you want to grow your hair long, you need to make sure it’s healthy. Otherwise you’ll end up with dry and split ends that turn brassy. The Extentioniste line from Kérastase actually strengthens the bonds in your hair and makes it healthier so you can avoid regular trims that inevitably cut your length.

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ELLE: How have you tackled ‘busy mom hair’ after you’ve had Zack?

LH: I just let it be blonde! Light hair has such a lovely depth to it, and curls look a lot more gorgeous than on darker hair. I just use a serum 3-4 times a day, and leave it big and curly on one side- it’s super 1980’s style.

ELLE: Is there another hair experiment on the cards?
LH: When my hair was platinum blonde, I wanted to colour it light pink. But then I saw the Chanel show and they did lilac wigs. I’d like to try that before I go dark again.

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