Lisa Ray on her style icons, fashion staples and more Advertisement

Lisa Ray on her style icons, fashion staples and more

And her go-to style hack!

By Shree Vrinda  August 30th, 2019

Practical, efficient and smart; a watch is an accessory that adds to every outfit. Not just with its functionality but also with its glam quotient. If you’re looking for the perfect timepiece, you’re in luck, because Rado’s recent collaboration with Lisa Ray has brought us the best watch investment (no question of buyer’s remorse here).

Rado’s new collection, with Lisa Ray as the face of the brand, is vibrant, bold and powerful. The watches in the limited edition collection, titled True Thinline Le Corbusier, come in nine spunky shades like subtle matte pink, lemon yellow and rich midnight blue. These fabulous timepieces are durable, scratch-resistant, light and comfortable to wear, courtesy of the full high-tech ceramic construction.

In light of Lisa Ray’s association with the iconic brand, we caught up with actor and author to talk more about the collection, personal style and more.

ELLE: How would you style a watch from the True Les Couleurs collection on a daily basis?

Lisa Ray: I would wear my watch boldly, let it speak for itself as an artefact of taste, design and daring.

ELLE: Who is your style inspiration?

LR: The Italian actresses of the ’60s like Sophia Loren. They were so gloriously in possession of their beauty, bodies and innate style.

ELLE: How do you feel about the success of your new book Close To The Bone, what’s next for you as an author?

LR: I am humbled and deeply gratified. The fact that Close to the Bone has resonated so strongly touched me deeply. I will be embarking on writing the next three books once I finish filming for my Amazon series.

ELLE: Do you have a go-to style hack?

LR: I’d say, invest in wrap dresses, crisp white shirts, and saris—they never go out of style.

ELLE: What’s one beauty hack you’ve learnt over the years?

LR: To be myself in a world that is constantly trying to judge or turn you into someone else. I’ve never felt more beautiful than I do since I found my power—in my 40s.