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This Is Why Being Thoughtfully Fashionable Is The Way Forward

Sustainability, but make it fashion

By ELLE Team  December 17th, 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, if there’s one thing the year has taught us, it is to be kinder – kinder to ourselves, kinder to everyone around us, and kinder to the environment. While sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry, and slow fashion is the new norm, it’s about time we shifted the conversation to one that’s more meaningful.

With its nature-based fabrics that help you be environmentally conscious while satisfying all your sartorial sensibilities, the one brand that we have come to rely on for making our outfits thoughtfully fashionable this year is LIVA.

As a brand that has always believed in being thoughtful, the impact of the pandemic and the shift in the fashion industry towards sustainability and comfort clothing has only reinforced LIVA’s belief to be thoughtfully fashionable so that everyone can live their flow. A noteworthy thing is how LIVA with its range of nature-based fabrics, manages to take the conversation beyond sustainability and focus on the garments being comfortable, enabling the wearer to feel confident, and be more conscious of their choices. 

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Nature-based fabrics by LIVA help you to be eco-conscious and fashionable at the same time

With a growing concern about the primary benefits of fashion, along with a switch to slow fashion, LIVA also helps you incorporate aspects of sustainability in your everyday wear. The eco-friendly Livaeco fabrics are made using ethically derived FSC® certified natural, renewable resources manufactured through stringent eco-friendly processes and can be traced back to its origin. And that’s not all – they are also produced with reduced water consumption, and lesser emissions contributing to a greener environment, which means you can dress to the nines while also being thoughtfully fashionable. 

And if you’re worried about natural fabrics weighing you down, thanks to new age innovations, LIVA fabrics are thoughtfully crafted to be breathable, lightweight, soft, and most importantly – free-flowing. The flowy, beautiful silhouettes of the garments drape over your body perfectly, while also being super comfortable. And in a time where comfort dressing is basically a necessity, the ensembles crafted with LIVA fabrics lend a cosy touch to any wardrobe, without compromising on fashion. 

Fluid fabrics that drape beautifully helping you Live Your Flow with confidence

As for the idea that sustainable fashion isn’t stylish fashion? Think again. When it comes to the chic factor, the thoughtfully crafted, nature-based fabrics by LIVA aren’t just sustainable, they’re fashionable too. With beautiful drapes and a breathable, yet bouncy feel, LIVA lends an exquisite flow to every ensemble, and allow you to live your flow confidently, whether you’re on the go, or staying in. 

Fashion has always been a reflection of the changing times, and right now, fashion that does not impact our environment negatively and is a perfect blend of sustainability and comfort is the need of the hour, especially as we transition into the new year. Making a more conscious choice can go a long way in helping you Live Your Flow, and this needs to be the one resolution we abide by in 2021. Take the pledge on Liva’s website and choose outfits with the LIVA tag, to make eco-friendly fashion choices that are comfortable, and make you feel confident too. And hey, that’s how you could be Thoughtfully Fashionable!