LIVA X ELLE: Creating Conversations on Being #ThoughtfullyFashionable With Gul Panag, Namrata Rana & Aishwarya Sharma

In a thoughtful initiative with LIVA, we recently launched a series of panel discussions tapping into the various facets of fashion relevant to the world today. Professionals from different walks of life shared their inputs on subjects like sustainability, self-confidence and comfort over style. Here are the highlights from the first conversations and the takeaways you need to note down.

In conversation with Ainee Nizami Ahmedi, Digital Editor, ELLE India and three panellists who not only believe but also work the concept of sustainability into their lived experiences, the third panel discussion touched upon the topic of consciousness being the first step towards making sustainable fashion choices

The discussion centred around what our panellists’ sustainability mantras were and how they put them into practice. Gul Panag, actor and activist, shares, “As anybody who comes from a middle-class family, the first lesson in sustainability that you learn is that you live in hand-me-downs,” reiterating how every piece of clothing has its own journey. A second lesson to live by, according to her, was understanding how not a lot of things are needed to be well turned out; a few key pieces that are responsibly sourced and produced are worth investing in. Namrata Rana, the Director of Strategy and Brand at Futurescape, talks of how consumer awareness of fashion choices will make a massive impact in 2021, given how, since 2000, global fashion production has doubled while the number of times each item is worn has dropped by a third. According to her, being aware of the fabric one is wearing is paramount to remain environmentally conscious and cautious. Aishwarya Sharma, Fashion Activist, Entrepreneur and Goal 10 Ambassador, United Nations, explains how sustainable fashion must be beneficial to people throughout the supply chain. She says, “We are not doing enough to curb the fake demand, the superficial demand of wanting to look our stylish best in the newest trend that there is. This is deflecting us from where we have to go in terms of having a green wardrobe.”

Capturing the zeitgeist of the moment, Namrata said, “There’s a little bit of a trend going in terms of environmental awareness. The reason for that is that the pandemic has caused so much chaos that the entire world came to a standstill, and economic loss was phenomenal. The fact that there is a link between our health, our wellness, our consumption patterns and climate change has never been clearer.” Reflecting on the future of sustainability, Namrata elaborated, “I feel that in 2021 and going forward, the focus is going to be on making a difference. Collaborative efforts in terms of the choices that we make for the long term change that is needed is where we are likely to go.” In agreement, Aishwarya and Gul, too, advocated for conscious choices as a step forward in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

The three panellists voiced their #ThoughtfullyFashionable mantra 2021, which focused on buying less, recycling, staying fit and feeling good about what you buy. 

Watch the discussion here:


In an effort to start a consistent conversation around the subject of sustainable fashion, this is a part of a series of panel discussions hosted by ELLE India in association with LIVA. To watch more, stay tuned to our social media pages, and also check out the Thoughtfully Fashionable tab for advice on making informed and sustainable fashion choices.


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