Kangana Ranaut launches Livaeco, a new sustainable fabric

Since the fashion industry came under the sustainability scanner in 2013, following the Rana Plaza disaster, industry leaders, conscious consumers and celebrities have been making more mindful choices. Today, undoubtedly, there is a growing need to make our wardrobes more sustainable and make better choices. Tapping into this need, Liva has launched a disruptive new fabric, Livaeco, that’s all-natural, and completely bio-degradable. Recently launched, it also has Kangana Ranaut’s stamp of approval; the actress walked the ramp at its launch, dressed in a stunning green gown that was fashioned from Livaeco. 

“It’s about being more inclusive of the life around us. Using advanced technology, Liva injects molecules into the fabric which can trace the very origin of the fabric—where the plant is from and every time they use a tree, they plant three other trees. This is the future. It’s the entire world coming together and deciding what is right and what is wrong, because, earlier, we just cut a tree and didn’t care about it. Now, it’s questionable. What is the fabric you’re using, how long does it take to decompose, how much pollution the fabric industry is causing… all of this is becoming a matter of concern for the entire globe,” Kangana says.

Kangana Ranaut at LivaEco Launch 2

Livaeco is a huge step in the right direction towards making the fashion industry more sustainable. Its modern manufacturing process absorbs approximately 100 gms of Co2 from atmosphere, saves 17 buckets of water per garment, and needs only 1/6th of land vis-à-vis cotton. 

At the launch, Kangana walked in a stunning Livaeco creation designed by Swapnil Shinde and styled by Ami Patel. Designers Anju Modi, Gaurav Jai Gupta and Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks showcased their new collections using Livaeco.

LivaEco Fashion Designer Anju Modis Collection

Models in Anju Modi creations

LivaEco Fashion Guarav Jai Guptas Collection

Gaurav Jai Gupta with models

LivaEco Wendel Rodrickss collection

Models wearing Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks 

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