Living room concerts are the new rage

Living room concerts let you enjoy your tunes minus the cacophony of a crowded venue. Check out the 3 series leading the revolution:

House Concert was launched in Delhi in 2014, and has since expanded to five other Indian cities. The line-up and location are announced in advance, and there’s a conscious effort to include other art forms. For example, theatre performances have been staged in Delhi, short films have been screened in Mumbai, and poetry recitals have been held in Bengaluru.

Where: Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai; Jaipur, Lucknow (coming soon).

When: The frequency varies, depending on the availability of the musicians and how often they get a host.

Attend: Fill out a form on the Facebook page ( Entry is granted on a first come, first served basis. While the gigs are free, there’s a suggested donation of Rs.300 to Rs.500.

5HC Mumbai Kalyaani
Singer-songwriter Kalyaani at House Concert, Mumbai
3HC Delhi Kalkaji to Konark feat. Ananya Biswas
Odissi dancer Ananya Biswas at House Concert, Delhi


Harisankar PS started Beatmap House Party in Mumbai in 2016 as a way to publicise his yet-to-launch app, Beatmap, which will connect performers with people offering their homes as venues. Mostly held in houses for about 30 invitees, a Beatmap party is likelyto feature an upcoming singer-songwriter and occasionally, a stand-up comedian.

Where: Across Mumbai and occasionally in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune.
When: Almost every Saturday evening. Attend: Apply via the Facebook page ( Spots are granted are on a first come, first served basis. Provide a social media handle for a quick background check, or risk being filtered out. The entry fee is Rs.500.

Attend: Apply via the Facebook page ( Spots are granted are on a first come, first served basis. Provide a social media handle for a quick background check, or risk being filtered out. The entry fee is Rs500.

1 MG 0420
Kenneth Soares at Beatmap House Party, Mumbai
8LRM EXPORT 20180410 180253
Guests at the 50th edition of Beatmap House Party, Mumbai

SoFar Sounds originated in London, UK, in 2009 after co-founders Rafe Offer and Rocky Start went to a pub show, only to find that they couldn’t hear the band over the crowd. So, they decided to start hosting concerts at homes for audiences who were only there for the music. The concept has been so successful that SoFar Sounds is now present in over 400 cities, including 13 in India. The series usually features half-hour sets by three acts, which can range from indie music stars such as Parvaaz and Prateek Kuhad, to local up-and-comers. Both the venue and the line-up are kept secret in order to ensure that neither influences your decision to sign up, and that you arrive with open ears.

Where: Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Dimapur, Goa, Hyderabad, Imphal, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Pune and Shillong.

When: Once a month in most cities, usually on a Sunday evening. 

Attend: Apply via There is no fixed entry fee, but attendees are encouraged to contribute an amount equal to what they feel the experience is worth.

7IMG 0076
Spoken-word artist Escaping Brown at SoFar Sounds Bombay
6IMG 0039
Arul Kacker, the city head of SoFar Sounds Bombay, addresses the audience

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