Lizzo’s 2-inch bag moment made us deep dive into some fashion archives Advertisement

Lizzo’s 2-inch bag moment made us deep dive into some fashion archives

How did we get to the micro bag?

By Subhanjana Das  December 17th, 2019

The internet collectively lost it when Lizzo strutted down the red carpet at the 47th American Music Awards wearing a ruffled candy orange Valentino dress with THE bag of the season (also Valentino) dangling from her bejewelled nails. The Grammy-nominated star’s Instagram caption said it all: “@maisonvalentino bag big enough for my f—s to give”. Following this, an avalanche of memes poured down from all social media platforms. In fact, the bag now has its own Twitter account – @lizzostinybag – in case you want to know more about this fashion prodigy. 

This wee white stunner might just be the smallest piece of accessory that not only became the showstopper of the outfit and the AMAs but also of the whole year as far as fashion goes. It stormed every Insta feed and provoked a spectrum of reactions ranging from “WTF!” to feminist-centric speculations regarding the utility of the micro bag. The internet has also made a list of all the things this bag can hold which includes a single Airpod and drugs. But, the ‘how’ of this 2-inch bag is just as interesting as the ‘why’ of it.

From Phoebe pulling out a fish bag from her tote when asked for a pack of gum to bags the size of a piece of gum, how did this transition come to be? Neither did the microscopic bag shrink in Alice’s Wonderland nor is it borrowed from the island of Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels; it saw a steady shrinking through the years, right from the iconic Birkin in 1984 which was created keeping utility in mind down to JacqueMus’ Le Chiquito in 2019 on the other end of the utility spectrum. These mini bags had quite the moment in fashion weeks even back in 2015 at Fendi, although it wasn’t as small as two inches yet. They were also worn as a necklace and strung on belts in 2019 at Givenchy and Jil Sander respectively. 

If you are thinking that you can’t fit your coins and cards in one, just sling two!

Everyone knows the story of how the Birkin came to be. Back in 1984, on a plane, when Jane Birkin’s bag spilt out in front of Jean-Louis Dumas. The rest is history.
In 1995, Dior made a bag that was to be etched in fashion history forever-the Lady Dior. This initially unnamed bag was later renamed after the ethereal Princess Diana who purchased the bag in every available form and colour and was spotted sporting it in multiple occasions.

Carrie Bradshaw’s arm candy, the first OG ‘it’ bag, and the first of the lot to be popularized for its small, compact size-the Fendi baguette bag, made in 1997, is still going strong!

The Dior Saddle Bag, a creative genius of Galliano back in 2000, is an example of the fact that women were embracing small, compact bags with open arms. Not to mention that it is still very much on people’s shopping carts.

During Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture) Spring/Summer 2006, Valentino made a case for bags which may be low on utility but high on sass. A teaser for his 2019 micro bag extravaganza, perhaps?

Cut to one year later, Ralph Lauren downsized the bag even further five-finger grip to palm grip. Is this where the conversation around what all your bag can carry (or not carry) started? We can only guess!

Okay, that’s a pretty impressive amount of upsizing, right? The Valentino Rockstud from 2014 marked a return of the sling that could fit in your essentials. Well, almost.

In 2015, Cara Delevingne sashayed down the Fendi SS 2015 show with a Cyan mini bag with Karl Lagerfeld’s feather caricature. Cute!

Givenchy’s SS’18 show in Paris Fashion Week saw belt bags and palm bags (yes, that’s what we’re calling it). It’s size? Let’s say blink, and you miss it!

From outrageously oversized straw bags in SS’19 to the micro bag in candy colours in FW’19, Jacque Mus turned things around and how, making what can just as well go down as the fashion moment of the year!

It was the 47th American Music Awards in November this year that saw the ultimate micro bag moment in the form of a Lizzo in a Valentino dress, carrying THE Valentino bag of the season which basically broke the internet.

Photographs: Getty Images