Add a modern touch to your outfit with Longchamp's Amazone collection Advertisement

Add a modern touch to your outfit with Longchamp’s Amazone collection

Fashion with a purpose

By ELLE team  October 5th, 2018

–Today we connote women to be dynamic, headstrong and independent who are ready to conquer the world. That is the inspiration behind Amazone. The collection has been crafted for the modern woman, known to be courageous, confident and enthusiastic about discovering new things. The collection is a homage to this image which remains relevant to the contemporary women of today.

The line celebrates the values of individuality, creativity and authenticity — qualities that are inherent in every Indian woman. The Amazone collection is forward-looking, reaching out to women everywhere in a spirit of freedom and modernity. The design further makes itself relevant through convenient sizing options, fierce style and bold colours, keeping its sophisticated and refined image intact. Any modern Indian woman who embodies the spirit of independence and challenges the status quo will find resonance with the Amazone collection.

Longchamp will donate a part of the sales proceeds to the Ogaan Cancer Foundation.