13 longest celebrity marriages that’ll make you believe in love again

Putting together the shortest celebrity marriages was fun because of quotes like Bradley Cooper’s “it was just something that happened” but also mildly depressing for the same reason. But all hope is not lost, friends— for every Kim Kardashian overnight union, you have a Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who have clocked in 29 years together.

Call it an occupational hazard if you will, but Shah Rukh Khan believes in wearing his heart on his sleeve for Gauri while Twinkle Khanna has a wisecrack for every marital hurdle. Meryl Streep has been happily married to Don Gummer for almost four decades now, and we can’t say we’re surprised: Once you get a Meryl in your life, you hold on to her with all you got.

Here we go, 13 impressively long unions involving famous people that’ll warm your cynical, tabloid-devouring heart.

13 longest celebrity marriages

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