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Love horoscope 2017: What to expect with relationships, break-ups and casual flirtations

Astrologer Tamanna C explains what the stars have in store for you

By Tamanna C  March 8th, 2017

According to astrologists, each and every zodiac is susceptible to various energies, and this not only influences career, health and finance, but also the love life of an individual. The energies of 2017 over all indicate power, clarity and balance, but the effect of these energies will create a different pattern in every zodiac’s life. So how will your love life shape up this year, if you look to stars for advice? Allow resident astrologist and energy reader Tamanna C to provide some clarity.

Love horoscope 2017  


2017 is all about introspection and letting go. You will be on a roll till May, going back and forth in a relationship. Through the relationship that you are in or getting out of, you will find hidden fears and insecurities which you need to work on. Between July-September, will be a new cycle of either reviving an old painful relationship or walking out of it completely. Avoid any commitments between April-July’17, as clarity will only come to you after August.


A lot seems to be going on in your mind, regarding the ideology and perception of love. You need to slow down your mental pace and embrace love in whatever form it comes. Those in relationships will enjoy peace till June, after which either you’ll withdraw from the relationship or take your relationship to the next level. Commitment is on the cards between June-August or after November. Be patient with your partner. Singles will meet a lot of interesting people through social spaces, but a stable relationship will begin post August.


Love will be stable till March, but you might slow down the pace of your relationship to seek solutions for friction. April-June will be a crucial point if you don’t handle situations with sensitivity. Be communicative about things that bother you rather than suppressing it. Singles will meet someone interesting before 18th June and expect stability in relationship after October.


A year of on-off issues. You will be emotionally sensitive and bouncing off the way between February and May. You may fear commitment due to past painful relationships. Be more trusting. You may feel more strongly towards your partner and commitment post September 5. Those who are single will be the centre of attention wherever they go. There can be casual dating in the beginning of the year, but expect something substantial after April 6 or August 20.


A year full of surprises. You won’t know what to expect. No matter what you plan, everything will change. Be open and go with the flow. Avoid friction with your partner between February-May. You will get influenced by people easily, so be careful of who you trust. Chances of drifting / distance or break indicated between June 18 and Septmeber 6, after which you will either bounce back or move on. Singles will enjoy the attention, but will only indulge in an emotional relationship after April 14 or November.


A rocky year for long-term relationships especially if you are looking at commitment. Don’t take any calls until April. May-Augusut will bring to you much-needed stability, clarity and strength to get past situations. Be flexible in seeing things from the other’s point of view. You will feel more stable after September. Those who are single will be carrying issues from past relationships. Be open to meeting new people. You will meet interesting people between June-July and expect formation of a relationship after October 22.


This will be a year of stability, emotional bonding and commitment before April. You will meet someone between January-March and the connection will be instant. Slight stress and friction between June-September will test your intent in the relationship. Those who are looking at committing will take the jump post September 17.


It will be a year of balance. You will work on improving rough relationships and clear past baggage with your partner. If you consciously make an effort, you can expect relationships getting better after may 15 and august 6. A sudden change in mind will strengthen your relationship after August and even push you to commit between November ’17-Jan ’18. Those who are single will find someone on their wavelength between March 20 and June.


It will be an interesting year as through love relationships you will learn a lot about yourself. You will find yourself being more open to letting your partner into your emotional vulnerable space. You might even look at marriage this year which will be positive after April. Singles will paint the town red and you will be in and out of casual flings, but find yourself getting more serious after June 14. You may reconnect with someone from the past who might catch your interest.


You will be stressed out due to a relationship until April. On and off friction and issues from the past will drain you out. Don’t take any decisions before May 15. Things will get better and you can expect more stability after August 11. Be more forgiving. Singles will attract someone interesting between April-June, and may rush into a relationship too soon, but November can be a rocky period.


I don’t mean to discourage you but it’s not a pleasant year for love. You will be at the receiving end, where your partner could be holding onto a lot from the past. You will be on your toes trying to patch things up and no matter what you do; something or the other will keep cropping up. Minor misunderstandings will blow out of proportion between September-November. Avoid commitments this year and test the waters before getting into anything serious — you could land up with a broken heart.


There will be stability and commitment in ongoing relationships between February-April. Minor friction with your partner can emotionally drain you out between August-September, post which everything will be stable. Don’t involve others to resolve your problems. Those who are single will meet someone through an arranged set-up between March-June. Commitment is indicated post October. Be more flexible when dealing with your partner.