Forest Essentials' founder pens a letter to her grandchildren Advertisement

Forest Essentials’ founder pens a letter to her grandchildren

On the pleasures of growing old

By Mira Kulkarni  December 12th, 2018

Forest Essentials’ Mira Kulkarni shares life advice with her grandchildren in a poignant love letter. Here is the text: 

For my babies,

There have been many incredible moments in my life- but some define you as a person. I think the pleasure and privilege of seeing you grow and develop your own unique personalities have been one of the greatest joys of my life.

I wish there was some way of making sure that you only have the good times but unfortunately thats not true. There will be good and not so good times but remember that neither remains forever.

Your painstakingly written cards- “Get well sooonest-” “Why you work so hard dadi?”, trying to paint my bed green as a surprise, jumping into my suitcase so that I would take you on my trip “See, I can easily fit in…” For my many many memories that I will have forever. Thank you.

Will love you always,
Your grandmother

For my grandchildren,
Shabad Angad Rhea Samaira

Mira Kulkarni

Photograph: Sudhir Sharma


Here is the original letter:

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