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Love predictions for February 2018, according to your zodiac sign

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By Shweta Gandhi  February 7th, 2018

February, the month of love, is upon us. But is it going to be a bed of roses or a thorn bush for you? Spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi helps us decode the energies of the month for each zodiac sign through Goddess Oracle cards. Each card has its own significance and comes with a message for you — so whether it’s drawing boundaries for Aries or taking a leap of faith for Leo, these messages will resonate within you and will guide you towards your soul’s purpose. In these predictions for February 2018, Ashtar provides a practical solution that will help remove your fears and worries to ensure you to get through the month in a way that’s beneficial to you.

Love predictions for February 2018:


Taurus, don't back down this month. Stand up for your own truth, be it at your work or your personal life, you're probably becoming soft. Remember, your animal symbol is the bull, and bulls are meant to be strong. At the same time, don't become too rigid. Don't listen let people push you around. Stand tall and voice your opinions. 


Virgo, you need to be strong this month. You've worked very hard to get where you are right now. In your relationships, have faith that things will work out in your favour. Don't give up right now. You have been extremely strong, powerful and brave, so just continue in that spirit. Things are going to work out for you, and if you give up, everything will come crashing down. Stay with what you have right now and results will show soon.


Gemini, this month, you are going to be doled out fairness and justice. If you're stuck in situations where you feel that the world is being unfair to you, or you're feeling left out and cornered — whether it's in your work life, your close relationships with your parents and siblings — you will be handled with a lot of care. Please ask for your fair share of love, material wealth and anything else you desire from your life in general, and it shall be given to you. The goddess of fairness is on your side.


Scorpio, please respect yourself. This month, don't let your emotions and moods take over your better senses. Be calm and collected in situations around you. Don't over-react to anything that happens in your love life, your workspace or in your personal life. Don't jump to conclusions and read too much into everything. Respect your space and other's space. Hold that tongue and that mood of yours. Being patient will take you through the month.


Aries, you need to draw boundaries in your life — in your relationships, in your workspace, in your love life, in your career and for yourself. Maybe you're giving too much of yourself too soon. Are you being a people pleaser and offering too much of your time and your energy? This month is all about you, so focus on your spirit and save some energy and love for yourself.

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Sagittarius, this month is all about surrendering and delegating your issues. Goddess Green Tara is offering her help to you, so feel free to ask for it. Any part of your life where you need guidance, you shall be shown the way. February is the month when you don't want to take everything on your plate, so don't hesitate to ask for help from friends, healers or counsellors who will be able to guide you better.


Capricorn, you need some quiet time this month. Move away from the busy life and the drama. In your love life, you need to spend some alone time with your significant other and have some special silent moments without being crowded by friends. Take a weekend off and go into a silent, sacred space where you can stay with yourself and find your answers. You will find everything you are seeking if you go within and meditate.


Leo, you are to ready to take that jump this month. If you've been meaning to pop the question to your significant other, this is the right time. Be sensible about it and choose the right moment to do it this month. If there's anything new you want to try, like a business venture, this is your month. Put your heart's true desire into action and you shall be the happiest.


Aquarius, you and all your loved ones are being looked after this month. If you're worrying about your health or someone else's, are planning to travel or have concerns about your love life, know that everything will be taken care of. If you worry, the fear will create more worry, and the only way to break out of that cycle is to let go. You and your loved ones are safe. 


Cancerians, you can expect a miracle this month. If you have been waiting for answers in your life or if you've been praying very hard for some kind of progress in your love life or your workspace, know that your prayers have been heard and they will be answered shortly. You've been waiting for so long, so keep the faith and prepare to see miracles all around you soon.


Pisces, there is only peace and prosperity surrounding you this month. All your needs are being taken care of and your family and friends are being looked after too. You'll be very comfortable financially. Your love life will see peace and harmony as well. All you have to do is give a prayer of gratitude everyday of this month, thanking the creator and the universe for fulfilling all your needs beautifully.


Libra, you can manifest whatever you want, so what are you looking to create for yourself this month? Create some magic that goes hand-in-hand with your own personal destiny. What are you looking for peace and harmony? Are you looking at giving in and going with the flow? Are you looking to fight a cause? Whatever you touch will turn to gold, so plan your actions accordingly. February is extremely lucky for you.