Lovebirds debuts its F/W 2015 line at Design One

Delhi-based designers Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh of Lovebirds have won hearts by playing with structures. And they’re at it again. We caught up with Khanna about the new direction their label is taking with the F/W 2015 line, which makes its debut at the Design One exhibition.    

“In a nutshell…Lovebirds F/W 2015 brings a twist in conventional tailoring. It’s [a play on] structure and fluidity with a concise mix of oversize constructions, quilted details, gathers, flares, and a lot of pleats.” 

“The new direction…we have explored is colour-blocking and detail variations in conventional tailoring. We’re also bringing a lot of beautiful blends of natural and sustainable fabrics.”

“The mood-board…includes phirans and poots seen on the shepherds of Kashmir; the architecture of Le Corbusier and Japanese refinement and simplicity.”

“The colour-palette…goes from deep blues to warm browns. It’s very tonal and earthy, and the fabrics are blends of natural fabrics – like Lyocell with linens, cottons and silks, apart from blended wools.”  

“The playlist…we have been looping this new band we just found called Tropic of Cancer.”  

Design One is on from September 22-23, at Dome, at NSCI-SVP Stadium, Worli, Mumbai

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