Loved Vincenzo? Get More Of Song Joong-ki With These 4 Films & Series Advertisement

Loved Vincenzo? Get More Of Song Joong-ki With These 4 Films & Series

Minus him speaking in Italian, unfortunately

By Sonali Shah  May 10th, 2021

Last week’s final episode of Netflix K-Drama, Vincenzo broke several records, ensuring that its anti-hero Song Joong-ki continues to be one of the most popular K-Drama actors globally. We don’t blame you if you can’t get enough of the Korean-Italian mafia consigliere—the suave character he plays in Vincenzo. Song Joong-ki has an interesting body of work where he flashes his charming smile to win our hearts. Want more of Song Joong-ki? Queue up the following on your watchlist.

 Space Sweepers

Released in February, this film’s a rare South Korean sci-fi blockbuster. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to know ‘sci’ to enjoy the film. It’s hilarious, violent in parts, and cute—trust the Koreans to marry sci-fi and cuteness! Set in 2092, a bunch of broke misfits are on a ragged spaceship, collecting space debris to exchange for cash. They chance upon a mega explosive robot, played by a tot with a typical bowl-cut to the boot. The crew develops feeling for the bomb, yes, you read that right, and a wild ride ensues. Watch this one tonight.

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Arthdal Chronicles 

Here’s Song Joong-ki in a starkly different avatar with tribal tattoos and unkempt hair. The first ancient fantasy K-Drama, this series is about the power of tribes, ambition and fate, a kingdom at stake, along with an underdog—all markers of a plot that promises to keep you hooked. K-Pop frontrunner BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has a cameo here, giving us a tiny extra reason to stream it.

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The Innocent Man, a.k.a. Nice Guy

Here’s a younger Song Joong-ki in a revenge drama, which means we get to see his nice-boy-gone-rogue look. This one’s a classic tale of betrayal by the beloved, forcing our ‘innocent’ hero to use any means necessary to exact revenge. And on the side, another love story unfolds—or does it? We dare you to not binge on this melo-thriller!

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Descendants of the Sun

We’re hard-pressed to believe that a Song Joon-ki fan would’ve missed this one. But if your life hasn’t been touched by Alpha Team’s Captain Big Boss yet, it’s time to tune into DOTS. Join the Capt on a mission to win over the love of his life, Dr Kang Mo-yeon, as he fights off traitors, barely survives through an earthquake, a viral epidemic, skirmishes and captivity by the enemy, and much more. But of course, throughout this, he manages to look as cute as K-Drama has us believing all Korean men are.

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