Dream job alert: 5 luxurious places that are hiring right now Advertisement

Dream job alert: 5 luxurious places that are hiring right now

Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty or British? You pick

By Hasina Khatib  July 28th, 2017

Tired of walking into the same concrete structure daily without any bragging rights to write home (or to your Instagram followers) about? Allow us to play Good Samaritan. We went scouring for the coolest jobs across the farthest reaches of the internet, and would you believe it if we told you that everyone from the British royalty to Hollywood is hiring online right now?

The next time your HR manager primly reminds you that using Facebook during office hours is against company policy, do something more productive about it other than venting in the washroom. From a spot on the Kardashians’ personal squad to having Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton on your speed dial, these luxury jobs are proof that God exists.

5 cool jobs you can apply for during your coffee break

Or perhaps you’re just in it for the good times?

Absolut Vodka has a spot for you. The spirit company is looking for a sensory expert, or a Billion Dollar Nose as they call it, to travel around the world, test-driving their newest concoctions.

What do I have to do basically? The previous sensory master says, “You need to be equal parts innovator, chemist, teachers, creator, and ambassador.” If you’re wondering if you’re a good fit for the job, Absolut kindly put together a handy quiz to help you decide.

So you'd like to walk into the sprawling Kensington Palace on the daily?

This is not a drill: The Royal Highness The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are looking for someone to join their dream team, and they’ve given the pigeons a break in favour of humbler communication portals, like LinkedIn. In a post that promptly went viral, the top brass of British royalty called upon applications for a Senior Communications Officer.

What would I have to do basically? Manage the daily news flow to traditional, digital and social media. The LinkedIn call for entries received over 3,600 entries in a matter of hours, so we’d get on it right away if we were you.

How about waking up daily to the gorgeous Caribbean?

What are you doing here? Disney Cruises needs you, buddy. The luxury cruise arm of the Walt Disney Company is looking for a host(ess) to front their gala recreational activities. In return, you get to sail across the Caribbean in the lap of luxury and have some killer panoramic shots to show for it when you get back.

 What do I have to do basically? Channel your people skills and play gracious host to the merrygoers aboard the floating Disneyland. Here's where you can apply. 

Or would you rather not walk in to the same stationary office daily?

Canon, the photography bigwig, knows exactly how you feel and is offering you the chance to globe-trot for the next one year. Titled ‘Live for the story’, the initiative offers one lucky ‘Grammer the chance to follow the sun around the world in search of 365 stories.

What do I have to do basically? The all-expenses paid role (plus, a holiday allowance) requires you to document your journey on the go, from holiday spots including Lisbon, Melbourne and Brazil. Get started by sharing your favourite summer memory on Instagram, tag @CanonUK and include #LiveForTheStory.' Oh, and your entries will be judged by musician Zoë Kravitz; no pressure.

Or maybe you’d rather work for Hollywood royalty?

If you like your Monday mornings sprinkled with a healthy dose of drama, Kim Kardashian wants you on her squad. The world’s most notorious social media star is looking for a new beauty assistant, and is obviously going about by staging a global hunt on a reality series, Glam Masters.

What do I have to do basically? As Kim's beauty assistant, your bragging rights would include getting a front row seat in the Kardashians’ glam empire and possibly, dibs on the Kylie Lip Kits. “To apply, you must fill out this form honestly, accurately, completely, and to the best of your ability.” Their words, not ours. Keep it clean, people.