This luxury underwater villa is our dream home

When it comes to panoramic sea views, these new holiday homes offer vistas which are hard to beat. Forty glass-walled underwater villas are being built as part of the Floating Seahorse Signature Edition development off the coast of Dubai. They are located in the Heart of Europe holiday resort – which is made up of six man-made islands – and are only accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

dubai 1

Designed for families, each 4,000 sq ft villa will accommodate up to eight adults and eight children. Due for completion in 2018, the unique properties are being built across three floors, with two levels above water, including an area for outdoor entertaining, and one below sea level. And while the views back to shore are certainly striking, the scenes on offer from below-deck are the most impressive.

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This underwater level features an entertainment room and two totally submerged en-suite bedrooms which come with stunning views of the surrounding coral garden and marine life. While it’s probably the closest thing to living inside an aquarium, the developers say the underwater level will also be an ‘idyllic environment’ for seahorses to live and breed in their natural habitat in the Arabian Gulf.

As for the price tag? The villas are currently on the market for AED 12 million, that’s approximately Rs 21 crore. See more of the one-of-a-kind development below…

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Image courtesy: The Heart of Europe 

From: ELLE UK 


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