Mahima Kukreja turned the spotlight on sexism in India's comedy industry Advertisement

Mahima Kukreja turned the spotlight on sexism in India’s comedy industry

No laughing matter

By Sunetra Choudhury  December 10th, 2018

While equality is still a far cry, Mahima Kukreja is the reason there is an acknowledgement and awareness about sexism in a new industry like comedy. She says, “My own anger and resentment fuelled me and made me speak out. Every woman gives courage to another, who gives courage to another. The sisterhood and solidarity [of the #MeToo movement] is a game-changer. [When performing] I do get some snide comments and hecklers here and there once they realise who I am. Largely though, fellow comics and audiences who come to watch my stand-up have been supportive. I see a sea of change. Men have been messaging and calling and meeting women to apologise for their past behaviour. I see accountability on a scale that is unprecedented. Men think twice now before doing and saying something that can count as harassment. And that’s great.”

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Photograph: Prarthna Singh
Styling: Rahul Vijay
Hair: Tenzin Kyizom
Make-up: Sergio Alvarez/Faze Management
Assisted by: Akshita Singh (Styling)