Mahinder Watsa is the coolest doctor around Advertisement

Mahinder Watsa is the coolest doctor around

The 91-year-old sexpert’s new book is proof

By ELLE team  July 1st, 2015

After patiently answering more than 40,000 questions in his widely-read sex column, sexpert Dr Mahinder Watsa has now authored a comprehensive compilation – so you don’t rely heavily on circulating screenshots. In It’s Normal!, Watsa addresses every imaginable sex query, offers an entertaining primer to essential, overlooked basics (how now to look shamefaced when your children catch you in the act), tackles issues of gender identity and incest, and snuffs every sexual dilemma with a brisk, no-nonsense solution. Here’s why Watsa is cooler than your average sexologist. 

He offers creative (and safe) dildo replacements

Q. My wife inserted a hair comb inside her vagina. Subsequently she found that three four bristles of the comb remained stuck inside her vagina. Now we are afraid, please help?
A. A comb is a rather surprising choice. She could have used a more cylindrical object like a lipstick cover. Take her to a gynaecologist who will pick out the bristles if any are present.

He doesn’t let dull questions cramp his style

Q. How frequently should one visit a sexologist? The same as a dentist – once in six months? Is there a set of regular check-ups that one needs to get done once a year?
A. Fortunately, the penis does not have toothaches. You can check your penis – does the foreskin slip back easily, do you notice any changes in the testicles, are your libido and erection good? As for women, they should visit their gynaecologist once a year.

He has a zero-judgement policy

Q. I am a 35-five-year-old man. I am happily married and enjoy a good sex life. My wife and I enjoy being in the nude. Both of us believe in body culture and don’t wear clothes while at home. My daughter is seven years old. Is it harmful if parents stay in the nude in front of their children? My child is now comfortable staying in the nude like us. Can we continue to enjoy family nudism? Please advise.
A. This is a question often debated in medical circles. Obviously both of you are comfortable with your lifestyle but are you also able to answer your daughter’s curious questions? My personal opinion would be to have a minimal cover most of the time. However, this is worthy of debate among readers and they could write in.      

He keeps hopeless romantics grounded    

Myth No 1: People marry because they love each other. There are so many factors other than that. Actually, what they think is love is really a strong sex drive and the fear of being unloved. Ensure that you do not lose your sense of judgement when making the decision.

And just when you think he’s run out of bizarre sex queries, you find this:

Q. I am 25 and I masturbate on the pillow. Unfortunately, the other day our domestic help saw me. Now, when she comes to clean the house, she likes to have a good sniff of the pillow. Should I have sex with her?  
A. Sniffing the pillow does not mean she wants to have sex with you. Maybe she is checking whether it needs a wash. The decision is yours.

It’s Normal! (Penguin India) is out now

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