Make shelf space for vitamin F, the new skincare shield Advertisement

Make shelf space for vitamin F, the new skincare shield

Vitamin F is the mega-hydrating soldier that protects your skin barrier

By Drishti Kapadia  August 20th, 2019

You’ve heard of the benefits of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, but the latest one being talked about in the skincare sphere, is F. Vitamin F aka linoleic acid is the mega-hydrating soldier that protects your skin barrier—it’s a one-step solution to moisturise, repair and exfoliate your skin, ultimately preventing acne. A form of omega-6 fatty acid that’s commonly found in grapeseed and marula oils, this vitamin isn’t naturally produced by your body and it is best applied topically (via serums and creams) or ingested (through walnuts and almonds). So, what’s the hype now? “Today, people are more aware and are opting for science-backed ingredients that are actually effective. Vitamin F works very well on all skin types, especially when dealing with sensitivity,” says Dr Aneesh Sheth, CEO and cosmetic chemist at vegan skincare brand Dr Sheth’s.

Nykaa Cold Pressed Marula Oil, INR 800
Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm, INR 9,600
Natio Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil, INR 1,390
The Body Shop Hemp Face Protector, INR 1,295
Dr. Sheth’s Cica & Ceramide Overnight Repair Serum, INR 950
9,600Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Grapeseed Oil, INR 485

Good reason
If your face feels dry, tight or irritated, or if you start breaking out, it’s more than likely that your skin’s outermost protective barrier has been compromised. This damage is often caused by pollution, harsh climatic conditions or a poor skincare routine. Enter: the game-changing fatty acid that acts like your skin’s building block, strengthening and healing it.

All in favour
Not only is vitamin F a great addition to your daily routine, it works well with other products and on all skin types. For dry skin, combine it with vitamin E (an antioxidant) to double the moisturising power. Since most vitamin F-infused skincare is lightweight, it’s perfect for oily and combination skin types as well.

Photograph: Anette Schive