4 make-up tricks to help you break away from restrictive dark skin conventions

We’ve all spent hours in stores looking for a foundation that gives the least grey cast. For years now we’ve settled for foundation shades that are best described as McVitie’s beige, ashy eyeshadows and blush powders so light they’d rather be highlighters. It’s the reason why girls with melanin-rich skin don’t bother with experimenting and stick to the conventional black kohl, mauve lipstick and mascara.

The good news is that a wave of woke brands are finally waking up to the needs of girls who go beyond the ‘medium/deep’ range. Fenty Beauty deserves a special shout out for vocalising the need for diversity with a whopping 40 foundation shades. You’ll also find a satisfyingly varied foundation range and pigmented palettes that work for make-up lovers of all skin tones at brands like M.A.C, Estée Lauder and NYX. While most of the beauty industry is still lacking, this new inclusive approach is enough reason to have a little faith and try a new make-up product. Who knows, you could find a shade that matches your skin tone or find enough reason to ditch your black eyeliner.

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Photographs: Sushant Chhabria

Styling: Karuna Laungani

Make Up: Mitesh Rajani/ Sparkle Talent Management

Hair: Marcelo Pedrozo/ Toabh Talent Management

Art direction: Mrudul Pathak Kundu

Models: Divya Jadhav/Anima creative management; Naisha Bhargabi/Anima creative management; Shonali Singh/ Inega model management

Assisted by: Ishani Desai (Styling)

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