Look just like Sonam Kapoor with make-up artist, Namrata Soni Advertisement

Look just like Sonam Kapoor with make-up artist, Namrata Soni

Her pop-up academy will help you acquire pro-level skills

By Trisha Chawla  July 27th, 2017

When you think of Sonam Kapoor’s most iconic beauty looks you can be assured that Namrata Soni is the hand behind them. Now, the celebrity hair and make-up artist is sharing these trade secrets at her recently-opened academy. Called The Namrata Soni School of Makeup and Hair, Soni will be teaching workshops that are for both beauty beginners and experts who want to sharpen their skills.

The six-week course will start off with make-up basics and then you’ll graduate to insider tricks Soni uses at film and photo shoots. “You’ll learn how to create natural, flawless skin, how to deal with the tricky weather on outdoor shoots and the right methods for touch-up,” says Soni, who is super pumped for her new venture. The last few weeks will focus on bridal make-up and hair, so you’ve got every base covered. Soni has also looped in industry pros, Cory Walia and Clint Fernandez, along with hairstylist Ity Agarwal so you can gain the most from this workshop. 

The course will take place only twice a year at the Art Society in Bandra, Mumbai and it comes as no surprise that the first one (scheduled for 31st July) is a full house. But make sure you follow the academy’s Instagram feed here to get an inside view into the sessions and to get updates on the next one. 

Photograph: Dwaipayan Mazumdar