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5 Everyday Makeup Essentials From Recode To Add To Your Vanity

It’s the ultimate beauty destination of affordable products with premium quality

By BY ELLE TEAM  December 23rd, 2020

Good quality, skin benefits and affordability—these are three main aspects every beauty junkie searches for while purchasing makeup products. Wondering where to get your hands on cosmetics that have all three? Bookmark Recode, a beauty brand based in New Delhi. Led by four ladies and one man—Shalini Trehan, Preeti Trehan, Neetu Bansal, Shelly Bansal and Rahul Sachdeva—the brand aims to bring a revolution to the makeup industry by marrying its makeup products of international standards with a price range that isn’t too heavy on the pockets.

If you’re on the lookout for everyday makeup essentials to add to your vanity, here are five beauty products from Recode that are a must-try:

Ace Of Base Mattifying Primer
One of the brand’s best sellers, Recode’s primer works well with all skin types. What’s more? Its velvety finish allows your makeup to glide smoothly on application.
INR 785
Jojoba Oil
Need some refreshment for your skin? Opt for the Jojoba oil from the new range of face oils. With its fast-absorbing property, it hydrates and nourishes your skin and can additionally be applied to your hair and nails.
INR 625
Sketch Pen Eyeliner
Trust Recode’s Sketch Pen Eyeliner to give you that perfect winged eye. The waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting product has an intense colour, which appears in one smooth glide.
INR 445
For the days you want to keep it minimal and ace the no-makeup makeup look, use the beauty label’s mascara. Its lightweight and creamy texture adds volume to your eyelashes.
INR 425
Matte Lipstick
Take your pick from 30 lip shades from the Matte collection, which can be donned from day to night. Consisting of Vitamin-E, emollient oil and argan oil, the lipstick shade gives you that perfect pout along with nourishment for your lips.
INR 345

Get your hands on Recode’s products here.