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5 make-up mistakes that are ruining your photos


By Hasina Khatib  May 31st, 2017

So you have your diva make-up regimen down pat (Thank you, free YouTube tutorials), you pause before heading out the door for a quick selfie and whoops. There’s an oily streak running down your nose, a creamy grease has claimed your painstaking contour job, and in the name of all things holy, where did that mysterious white patch appear from?

If it’s any consolation, you aren’t alone. A quick look at Parineeti Chopra’s make-up during the promotions of Meri Pyaari Bindu had us baffled too. We went digging a little deeper, and the culprit wasn’t the make-up artist; rather, the unforgiving camera lens that’s been laying waste to the best beauty looks.

You live and you learn, so take copious notes from these make-up mishaps and your selfie camera roll will notice the difference.

5 make-up mistakes that the camera doesn’t forgive

Light-reflecting pigments can wreak havoc on your highlighter as well. Most international cosmetic labels don’t manufacture products for the Indian skin tone either, which explains that greasy streak down the bridge of your nose. The key is to achieve a delicate sheen is to pat on some make-up setting powder once you’re done and of course, ensure that you’re picking the right shade for your skin tone.

That icing sugar residue on Parineeti Chopra’s undereye isn’t a concealer job gone bad. Make-up artists usually pat on translucent powder as a finishing touch to mattify the face. However, many cosmetic companies now include silica in their ingredients, a mineral that reflects light. Long story short, your make-up looks fine in the mirror before you head out, but white cakey patches magically appear once the camera flash reflects off your skin. Wise up and take those extra two minutes to blend the powder well. And of course, click a test photo before you leave to see if the flash is reflecting any unsightly patches. 

Matte lips are all well and good, but sandpaper is not the consistency we’re aiming for here. The colour pigments in matte lippies can look fine in the mirror, but appear chalky under the lens flare of the camera.

Add some dimension to your lips by always, always topping it off with a lip liner. It’ll work double time and keep your lipstick from bleeding onto your skin halfway through the night as well.

The fun thing about dramatic smoky eyes? They can sneakily make your eyes look smaller. The culprit here is heavy black shadow, that gives the illusion of close-set eyes. There are other colours in the rainbow, so go in for a shimmery gray or a dusty brown instead that works well with most Indian skin tones. 

Not quite sure why the skin tone of your face always looks different from your neck and arms? Apart from the extra attention that your face receives in your make-up regimen, you may also want to take a closer look at the deceptive bronzer. Under the bright yellow lights of a washroom mirror, you may think you’re applying just a natural glow. But the shimmer plays up in front of the camera flash, and all of a sudden, your face looks like it’s been spending overtime on a tanning bed.

Less is more with bronzer, so ensure that you only apply it in natural light with a judicious hand. 

How to pick the correct lip colour for your skin tone

 Make-up artists are letting their imagination run wild when it comes to lip colours, so why should you stick to that red matte? Find the dream match for your specific skin tone here.

Or take the plunge and try a wine lipper. Pro tip: Apply in thin layers for an effortless beestung lip.

Honey skinned

Mocha brown or wine works brilliantly against your skin tone, but so does a prominent nude lip as proved by Padma Lakshmi during our sizzling summer shoot last year.

Dusky skinned

Darker colours play off magnificently against deeper skin tones, so prise your hands off that red matte and try a merlot from the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil range.

Looking for a little more of a headturner? Make like the models at Poochki, opt for an aqua blue lip liner and leave it at that. 

Cop the sheer effect as seen at Payal Singhal by building up your lip colour in layers, advises Donald.

Pale skinned

Deep berry is your friend for daywear. To get maximum use out of your soft browns, apply the colour with your fingertips rather than a brush, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in the softer contours around the edge of your lips.