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9 healthy habits that keep Malaika Arora looking incredible at 42

Malaika's holistic approach is the key to the fountain of youth

By ELLE team  December 19th, 2017

At 42 years old, Malaika Arora’s sex appeal shows no signs of wearing off anytime soon. The Tv personality and entrepreneur has maintained her perennial hottie status with her dangerous curves, pouting lips and flawless skin. But being a sex symbol isn’t easy, it takes work. Malaika emphasises that she follows a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle, taking her workouts seriously and constantly pushing herself. These are the good habits she insists you switch to feel strong and look gorgeous at every age. 

9 healthy habits that Malaika Arora swears by:

Malaika likes to kickstart her day with a headstand or a handstand first thing in the morning, which gets her circulation going. "It comes highly recommended. After doing it for a couple of weeks, you'll see your skin and hair getting better."

Her headstand is usually followed by a glass of warm water, honey and some lemon to flush the system of any toxins that build up while she sleeps. 

Malaika likes to work out a minimum of five times a week, following a mix of Pilates, yoga and weight training to help keep her in shape. The actress begins her workout with some light cardio for 15 minutes. She then breaks it down with a combination of squats, lunges, core, ab training and weight training. "Legs is my favourite because my legs are quite strong and it's a large muscle, but it's important to target all areas." Malaika's main tip is to stretch out whichever muscles you've worked on in a cool down session. "It's important to stretch because if you don't, you're inviting a whole host of problems. The body builds lactic acid and you don't need that."

Malaika has discovered what works from her outside of 8 hours of solid sleep and clean living. The actress avoid milk, milk products and fried foods. A mild facewash without the harmful chemicals helps keep her skin fresh. It's not just the skin on your face that needs to be clean, but your scalp as well. "Very often we work out, we're running around through the day, our scalps get dirty and greasy. That build-up then affects the skin on your face too. So, it's important to keep your hair squeaky clean."


The gruelling work hours can also take their toll on your skin, leaving it looking lifeless. A quick pick me up that can help you look more alive is a spritzer. "You could use a face spritzer, rose water is also great. And this is a weird one, but if you're eating papaya, rub the last piece on your skin. It does wonders."

The one product you'll find on Malaika's beauty shelf is none other than her trusted coconut oil. "All my food growing up was cooked in it, so I've been eating it all my life. It's also great to have one teaspoon of it first thing in the morning. Also, one spoon of ghee. Trust me, you'll thank me for life."

One rule Malaika adheres to strictly is no eating meals after 7.30pm. "It's not good to sleep on a full stomach, you need at least three hours to digest your food." Malaika says she eats her last meal which is her dinner at 7.30pm and after that if she's hungry she might have a a few nuts or carrots sticks, something to nibble on but nothing that would feel heavy.

When it comes to showering, Malaika recommends tepid water, but never very hot. Hot water dries out the skin and opens up the pores, causing the skin to lose moisture. 

Everyone needs some downtime, but Malaika's not one for meditation because she "can't sit in one place." Instead, she prefers to garden. "Every Sunday without a miss, I'll tend to my plants. I have a few plants, but I'm very proud of them."