Manish Arora just created a fantastical 'Indian mela' for Swarovski Advertisement

Manish Arora just created a fantastical ‘Indian mela’ for Swarovski

Swarovski Worlds in Austria has been transformed into a tribute to India

By ELLE team  July 14th, 2017

If Austria wasn’t on your wanderlust list, it will be now. Europe’s favourite Indian import, Manish Arora, has lent his riotous vision to the first ever Summer Festival, hosted by Swarovski on the grounds of their Crystal Worlds. With “Indian mela” as their inaugural theme, it seemed a natural fit for the brand to call on their long-time collaborator to bring his signature Indian kitsch to the festival.

The multi-sensory experience is spread across the entire park, and features art installations by renowned names like Sumant Jayakrishnan alongside performances by the dance group The Yellow Stripe dance company.

Manish arora mirrored elephant     

“It feels like an extension of my own — like bringing my Indian ‘family’ together with my Austrian ‘family’. The Mela is a perfect metaphor for that: a huge community party, with a rich variety of sensations concentrated in the most fascinating way. All of my personal favourite things are happening here together: interesting encounters, music, fabulous food – and of course, art and beauty in abundance,” explained Arora in a statement. 

Highlights of the summer festival include Jayakrishnan’s ‘photopoint’, inspired by a typical Indian temple, a crystal Taj Mahal and the ‘Crystal Cloud’, under which metal lotus flowers drift in a pristine pond. 

Manish arora lotus pond3

The Swarovski Summer Festival will run from 8:30 am to 10 pm until the end of August.