Brace yourselves: A Manish Arora X Koovs collaboration is coming your way Advertisement

Brace yourselves: A Manish Arora X Koovs collaboration is coming your way

Get ready to shop

By Shree Vrinda  October 9th, 2019

Manish Arora is globally renowned for designing eccentric women’s wear splashed with outrageous colour. After a successful show at Paris Fashion Week, the ace designer has now shifted his attention to his second collaboration with online shopping portal–Koovs. The gender neutral creations include stellar evening wear and some spunky co-ord sets–retaining Arora’s edge. The broadly accessible collection (thanks to Koovs), will be available from October 14 onward on its website and apps, and can be pulled off by (almost) anyone.

We caught up with the couturier to talk about his new collaborations with Koovs, his favourite piece from the collection and his ideation process.

ELLE: Take us through the creative process of your new collection?

Manish Arora: Coming up with the idea was a collective effort between KOOVS and Manish Arora. We arrived at a common ground of choosing something that is very innovative and at the same time matches the brand synergies. We brainstormed on how to make it different from our previous collaboration, keeping in mind different story ideas, the customer, and yet having my own signature style on it.

ELLE:  What is your personal favourite piece from the collection?

MA:  The “Shiny Happy People Jacket” is my favourite piece from the collection. It’s something that I have used and is an archival piece.


ELLE:  What is the distinct identity of the Manish Arora clientele?

MA: Well they’re adventurous, they like to stand out they want to be noticed and they love to shine.

ELLE: What distinguishes this collection from the rest of your designs?

MA: It’s been made by keeping the Indian customer is mind, which is what makes it different from the rest of my collections, along with keeping in mind the KOOVS generation and what they like.