Margot Robbie sewed her own dress after a wardrobe mishap at the Oscars 2018 Advertisement

Margot Robbie sewed her own dress after a wardrobe mishap at the Oscars 2018


By Carrie Goldberg  March 5th, 2018

Margot Robbie stunned on the red carpet at the Oscars 2018 when she arrived in an ivory Chanel Haute Couture gown with beaded, draped off-shoulder straps. The straps stayed artfully draped while Robbie walked the carpet for interviews and photos, but once she entered the Dolby Theater, the actress reportedly had a wardrobe malfunction when one of her straps snapped loose. 

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Rather than wait for a stylist to arrive or a seamstress to emerge and save the day, Margot simply requested a sewing kit and mended the gown herself, reports People, to whom she rightfully remarked, “Oh, ain’t got time for that!” once she successfully sewed her strap back into place. Yes, Margot. Ain’t nobody got time for that. You’re nominated for an Academy Award for I, Tonya, a film you produced and starred in.

During her quick-stitch problem solving, Robbie’s fellow Best Actress nominee, Sally Hawkins, sympathized. Margot wasn’t the only superstar losing beading on her bespoke Oscar gown; apparently, Hawkins was losing shells from the embroidery on her crystal-encrusted gown by Armani Privé as well, reports People. 

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So, the next time you find yourself at a party using club soda to clean a stain on your dress, or at a wedding using the sewing kit from the amenity basket in the ladies room to sew up a ripped hem, remember that Margot Robbie and Sally Hawkins get you. They’ve been there.