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How the Mars retrograde 2018 will affect your zodiac sign

Keep these in mind for the days ahead

By ELLE team  June 26th, 2018

The Mars retrograde is a cycle where we are forced to reassess our current ideas, approach, projects, and our desire. Mars is going to be retrograde in the sign of Aquarius from June 26 to August 12 and in the sign of Capricorn from August 12-27. As a whole, the effect of Mars retrograde will be felt on the various sun signs from June 26 to August 27.

Mars is an active and volatile energy when it’s direct, so we are straightforward, aggressive and assertive. But when it is in retrograde, we tend to become more hesitant about our actions and we seem to be second-guessing our instincts.  

Says Ashtar Tashi, spiritual guide and psychic, “Sexual feelings will be more intense. The outward expression of sexuality may be more spontaneous than usual.” So if you are getting into a new relationship, be careful.

You might also feel more anxious than usual this period, which is normal. Do not panic if a new project, interview or relationship happens during this retrograde period of Mars. Develop a wait-and-see kind of attitude and take things slower rather than jumping head-on.

Ashtar also warns that during this period, anger and road rage will be a problem. When we can’t express ourselves, we might become more aggressive and have a higher incidence of accidents. Make sure you don’t let go of yourself at any point. So, how are you going to handle situations this period?


“I am open to observing whatever I want to change in my life. I have the focused intent to bring about a positive change and re-create my own reality."

Aries, please pay attention to whatever is happening in your life at this moment and what you'd like to change. Observe every thought, words and actions with focus. Reassess what you'd like to change in any aspect of your life, be it your profession, personal life or relationships. Are you overreacting in certain situations? Are you not happy with the way things are? It's time you change. Be aware of what you are okay and not okay with in life. Take a positive action towards your intent. So Aries, what is that positive change you are going to bring about today? 



“I am willing to let go of anything that is not serving a purpose. I trust my inner wisdom and shall follow my gut instincts without being obstinate."

Taurus, you are going to be living in awareness. Your obstinate nature might cause you to suffer a little this time as you do not like to change. Trust your gut instincts, believe that you have the inner wisdom and use it correctly. Understand the conscious shifts you have to make. Be willing to accept changes and have reality checks. Don't get into unnecessary disputes or try to prove your superiority. Let others be, don't try controlling situations or people. Come on Taurus, how hard can change be? 


"I am open to receiving all wealth that is rightfully mine. I am open to enjoying the grace of universe and I am in gratitude."

Gemini, make sure that no unnecessary expenses are incurred while Mars is in retrograde. Keep your wealth and expenses in check. You are very giving in nature, but do not spend wastefully. Chances of getting carried away with expenses are higher. You might be cheated, people might dump their expenses on you, so watch your pockets and do not be overly generous. This is a great time to make money. If you are planning to sign any new projects or contracts, don’t get too greedy. Accept what is coming your way and be grateful. Touch base with reality. So, are you keeping tabs of your spending habits? 



"I am the nurturer and I am willing to nurture myself and everyone around me"

Cancer, you are very nurturing, but now is the time to take care of yourself first. You might have feelings of anger built up due to high expectations. Please be aware that you have been treating people a little harsher than normal. Step back and remember that you are supposed to be nurturing. Love yourself and be forgiving to yourself and others. Don’t take relationships for granted and be grateful for the love you receive. Watch your behaviour and tongue that might speak harsh words unwillingly. Who are you forgiving today?




"I choose to be quiet and go within. I will find my answers in silence."

Leos, you might want to find a quiet place, and that’s a sensible thing to do. With all the havoc that Mars retrograde is going to create, the best way to get through this period is to go with the flow and Leos, you can do that beautifully. Though you are naturally very controlling and expressive, it’s time to step back a little. Keep your temper and words under control, and let others learn their lessons their way. You can’t be there for everyone all the time. What you can do is take care of yourself and go into a phase of contemplation. Calm down Leos, it’s better you lions stay like cubs this period. 


"Everything is perfect just the way it is. I accept joyously all the imperfection as perfection. There is order in everything around me." 

Virgos are the thinkers who always want the world to be perfect. It's important now that you remember there is perfection in imperfection. Find beauty in everything. Don’t blame people or build walls around yourself. Find answers with creativity. Any problem this period — things not going your way, losing wealth, anxiety — try looking for creative solutions. 


“I trust in divine knowledge and wisdom that is inherently mine. I am open to receiving challenges that are going to help me grow.”

Libra, you have wisdom and you are going to share it. As you are going to be teachers and masters of wisdom, the challenge you will face with Mars in retrograde is that your problems will be bigger than the others. You are going to face a challenging time, look at it from a learning perspective. Take it up as a responsibility to face your challenges, so that you can teach others and make the world a better place. Help others through this difficult time. Face your problems with fortitude and courage and you are soon to become a living example for a lot of people. It might not be easy Libra, but be courageous. 



“I am joyful to be independent. I am confident that I can do everything on my own. I stand with pride for I know who I am."

Scorpios, this is the time to show your independent streak. Stand up and face your challenges. Don't try getting help as all the challenges you are going to face are those that you can handle independently. Learn to fight your own battles. It’s high time you took control of situations. Grab opportunities. This period of time is going to teach you to stand on your own two feet. How cool is that? 




"I am grounded and choose practicality over everything else. I am responsible for my thoughts, words, and actions” 

Sagittarius, you will combat anything if you remain grounded. Expectations cannot be beyond what is fair from situations, people, and problems. Remain grounded and understand that everybody is fighting their own battles. Avoid being judgemental of others. You cannot be fierce in this period and blame others for your problems. Take responsibility for your pressure and challenges. Stay as grounded as possible to solve them. Look for practical solutions to problems instead of letting your imaginations go wild. 


“I am open to transformation and ready for massive shifts in my consciousness. I am open to growth and I am ready to fly” 

The Mars retrograde is a huge moment. Capricorn, This period is going to shift a lot of things for you. Be ready for a lot of transformation to happen. You are going to face harsh truths. It is challenges that help you transform. Understand that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly after a lot of struggles. Capricorn, you are going to face a lot of bitter truths about yourself. A lot of your faults and lies are going to surface. Stand strong throughout it all. After this, you will become the most beautiful butterfly and spread your wings to fly. Just don’t be so scared. Ask for help if you need to. Be ready for transformation. If not now then when?


"I appreciate my sensitivity at this moment. I appreciate that I need help. I will stay away from all things negative and I choose to be healed."

Aquarians, you are one among the signs that is being affected the most. With Mars in retrograde, you are going to be very sensitive. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Go into a total introspection mode. Do not overreact to situations around you as it’ll only get you to become even more sensitive to everything. Don’t let people mess with you. Move away from people creating problems than getting into a battle with them. Stay away from harsh situations, people, chemicals and negative energy. Don’t take up any negative habits because of stress. Be it smoking, drugs, alcohol or binge eating, avoid them all. Distract yourself with healthy things, fitness routines, healthy diet, meditation, all of this will help you.  


“I accept everything the way it is. I go with the flow and not against it. I am blessed with wisdom to heal myself. I have absolute faith in the universe and divine will" 

Pisces, use this period to receive absolute guidance from the universe. Read more spiritual books, connect with inner self through meditation. Create balance through Chakra balancing and cleansing through guided meditation. Be in silence, be calm and grounded. Keep faith and understand that this too shall pass. Your relationship problems will get resolved unless you don’t ruin what you already have through bad temper. Don’t go against the current, just go with the flow Pisces.