Mary Katrantzou helps you wear print Advertisement

Mary Katrantzou helps you wear print

Don't run shy. The queen of digital print tells you how it's done

By Sonam Savlani  January 6th, 2015

When Mary Katrantzou tells you “I’ve seen print in every possible way,” you believe her. She is after all widely hailed as the queen of digital print. But she realises it can be a bit daunting to join her tribe, and that not everybody can take to head-to-toe print easily. So how does a real girl – curves and all – do print? She tells us how she got started: “If you’re scared of print, you start with an accessory. That’s always been a strategy, even with my girlfriends. They started with a scarf, then a T-shirt, then they moved to trousers, and finally a head-to-toe look – and now they feel a lot more liberated wearing colour. It’s about you making a statement.”

Don’t fret about drawing attention to your fiddly bits. “Prints do exactly the opposite,” Katrantzou assures. “Prints can be very flattering. It’s just about finding the right silhouette for you. For example, whenever I wear my own label, it’s either an A line dress or a coat.” If the silhouette is appropriate it’s half the job done, the print can elevate the look. Ultimately, all you need is a bit of derring-do.

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