How solo travel can change every woman’s life

Few things expand your horizons as deeply and as joyously as travel. Ahead of Women’s Day, Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Airbnb superhost Soraya Postel celebrated the spirit of women entrepreneurship and travel through a panel discussion. At She Travels, She Hosts, moderated by Simran Kodesia, Masaba and Dia acknowledged the unique role travel has played in shaping their lives and personalities, with Airbnb facilitating their dreams.  

The designer and the actor couldn’t recommend the importance of solo travel enough. “Making your own schedule without checking with anyone is empowering. Also, when I solo travel, I spend less time on my phone and I am more on foot rather than relying on cabs. So, I focus on absorbing the local culture and energy. Even eating a meal by yourself when you’re travelling alone is liberating,” says Masaba.

Masaba Gupta and Dia Mirza low res

According to Dia, solo travel is necessary in order to attain self-actualisation. “It makes you comfortable with your own company,” she points out. “I took my first international flight when I was 18 and it empowered me. Even something as simple as arriving at the airport and finding the right terminal, especially in a foreign country, is a privilege.”

When Airbnb superhost Soraya, who has hosted more than 300 people at her Mumbai residence, travelled her fair share and came across different places and cultures, she came to a realisation — the world is a beautiful place.

Masaba and Dia went on to share a few tips for solo women travellers. Masaba reiterated the importance of looking up from our addictive smartphones: “Each sky is different”. Meanwhile, Dia’s advice is to try out the local cuisine: “Don’t go scouting for butter chicken when you’re in London.” 

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