Masaba's epic clapback at this pseudo-outraged Instagram troll has us applauding Advertisement

Masaba’s epic clapback at this pseudo-outraged Instagram troll has us applauding

You can keep your pseudo outrage

By ELLE team  November 16th, 2017

Masaba Gupta is nothing if not practical. Whether it’s about stating facts about skin colour or just embracing plain human flaws, she’s always been the first to call a pimple a pimple and then post a picture of it. Her latest Instagram picture, however, was a repost from Hrithik Roshan. This repost to be exact:

Hrithik’s post is clearly meant to be inspiring. We’re not clear on whether he’s just scaled a mountain or got caught in a snowstorm, but whatever feat had him feel so introspective, clearly motivated Masaba enough for her to share the notion.  

Of course, there’s always someone on the internet waiting to be outraged by celebrity posts, and this person showed up right on cue. Posting from the handle agirlhasnophd, the hater wrote, “And with #hrithikroshanthere throw in a good amount of misogyny, with some disrespect for women. And finally garnish with groupism, the privileged brunch who would just gang up against anyone who talks against him. Just because you guys are born to people from the industry ! Didn’t expect this from you Masaba, but wait you are one of them, why was I expecting.”

Masaba was having none of this, responding within minutes, “Ok bring it on. Like I said before .. just because outrage is a trend currently .. do not get outraged over anything and everything. Weigh what you say. I’ve reposted a picture I like alongside a quote..I really like… about human ambition & nothing else. You are sitting in the comfort of your home & in the comfort of your anonymity on Instagram & thinking let’s bring a feminist angle to this when there is not a hint of one here.lets make this about starkids & let’s make this about groupism. Secondly,just because some people are born in the industry & some are not ..I am not going to constantly be apologetic about my privilege. It can be a boon as much as a curse & you have no idea what it’s like to be in this place so shut it.Unless you are subject to this ‘disrespect’you talk of.. you have no business to label someone. Lastly, I am a big feminist,but I don’t sensationalise every little thing. Feminism is a responsibility,not a privilege to be misused for slandering. I don’t usually comment on these things here but you need a check on your words. Get off my page if you can’t bear it.”