MDMflow’s new magic lipstick

Founder of MDMflow, Florence Adepoju introduced a new lipstick, a matte baby pink shade called Milkshake. So why is everyone completely obsessed with it? Well, for starters it works like magic…literally. The lipstick contains pigments, that when applied, immediately change colour to match your skin tone – and it gets brighter every time you rub your lips together, or re-apply the lipstick. It goes from matte pink or pale purple to an almost deep purple, the brightness depends on your skin tone, of course.

Also, Milkshake is part of a larger range of ’90s hip-hop-inspired shades – there’s Bossy (nude), 2Chainz (the OTT yellow with gold glitter), Di La La (the very gangster black) and Purple Swag among others. 

Watch this Insta-video to see how it works:


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