All You Need To Know About The Meditative Art Form Zentangle

Being cooped up at home can get super monotonous, and with the hectic work lifestyle most of us lead, sometimes we all need to take a break, unwind and take time to heal. Many are turning to art therapy, a medium that allows one to express emotions through art without actually being a professional artist. If you’re looking for an art-based therapeutic activity to reduce stress and anxiety, there’s one, in particular, that has a meditative impact and can be executed while sitting at home. It’s called Zentangle.

So, What Is Zentangle? 

“Zentangle is a relaxing, easy to learn, and fun way to create beautiful art. By using structured patterns, called tangles, step by step, you can create abstract images that are very pleasing to the eye,” shares Sunali Shah, Certified Zentangle Teacher at Zennergy.

Zentangle by Sunali Shah

Is It Similar To Doodling?

“As opposed to doodling, which is more of an activity that can be done mindlessly and without losing focus on everything going on around you, Zentangle allows you to deliberately shift your focus away from your hectic life and its worries. And this is the key difference between the two,” explains Sunali.

How Is Zentangle Beneficial?

“Zentangle has benefitted many and works because it is simple, fun, and it helps you get out of your own way,” she adds. Here’s why Sunali believes this art form can be helpful:

1. It is self-soothing and healing

The process of drawing tangles on a 3.5-inch square paper, called a tile, has measurable relaxation benefits, reducing mental pressure.


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2. It teaches how to own up to your mistakes

Using a pen on paper means you risk making mistakes. But there are no mistakes in Zentangle as it is designed as a forgiving art form. One learns to embrace the so-called mistakes that you have made on paper. Thus, in life, too, you learn to use your mistakes as seeds of discovery and encouragement to open yourself to new and unexpected opportunities, thus having the power to increase feelings of happiness and tranquillity.


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3. It enhances patience

Zentangle enthusiasts highlight the process as a form of mindfulness. A lot of the Zentangle method depends on free-flow and intuition. When you plan a Zentangle tile, it’s often less enjoyable. Zentangle teaches you not to rush and be patient, and enjoy the creative process. Thus, in real life, we learn to listen to others more patiently, bringing about a more positive and confident approach within us.


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A post shared by Sunali Shah,CZT#23 / Zennergy (@sunali_czt)

“Besides the above benefits, many children and adults that I have taught have improved in focus and concentration. It has helped them with anger management and increased their tolerance levels. Zentangle has brought a few cancer patients a more positive and confident approach to their lives, improving their sleep patterns to a great extent as well. Senior citizens are very happy that their hand and eye coordination has improved, helping them with more steady hands, overall improving their motor skills and memory,” shares Sunali.

We know what therapeutic activity we’re indulging in this week. What about you?

Lead Image Courtesy: My Flower Dream (Elena Babayants) via Instagram

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