Meesha Scarf pays tribute to the most remote parts of the world with its new collection Advertisement

Meesha Scarf pays tribute to the most remote parts of the world with its new collection

It's inspired by the Northern Arctic

By ELLE team  December 7th, 2018

This fall, look no further than Meesha Scarf’s A/W’18 collection for the perfect accessory complete your look. Inspired from the landscape, the people and the natural habitat of the region, the collection is researched in the far North of Greenland, Alaska and Canada. The scarves embody local legends and myths, putting the spotlight on Innuit life and their culture. We spoke to the team at Meesha’s Scarf to know more. 

Tell us about the journey of the brand and how it all started.

The Meesha story started in 2011 when three friends across New Delhi and Paris decided to create something extraordinary that married India’s rich textile heritage with the French aesthetic.  The concept was symbolic of the mutual love for each others’ cultures. The brand soon started taking the shape of a multi-cultural identity that reflected our shared experiences, love of colours, of stories untold and places yet to explore. Meesha has at its core sisters Meesha and Trisha Khanna in New Delhi along with Magali Charruyer and Catherine Gouin in Paris; who are also managing the worldwide distribution for the brand. The collection for women and men is 100% made in India; and is distributed to stores worldwide through sales during Paris Fashion week for Spring Summer and Fall Winter. 


What is the brand’s design ideology like?

The Meesha scarf is a medium of expression and creation. At its heart are the weavers weaving the finest natural wool and cotton found in the diversity of the Indian heartland. These beautiful scarves are then printed in trademark prints that evoke the sentiments of this Indo-French love affair. Each print has its own story to tell, and each fabric is hand-picked to ensure superior quality.


You recently launched your A/W’18 collection, what was the inspiration behind it?

Meesha Scarf’s A/W’18 collection is an ode to and draws inspiration from the gnarled and rugged landscape, the people and the flora and fauna of the Northern Arctic regions of the world. The raw beauty of the natural habitat of these regions and the wildlife that surrounds it play a central role in Meesha Scarf’s prints this season. While creating the collection, the design team at Meesha Scarf researched the indigenous culture of the Inuit people who inhabit the far North of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.


Tell us something about the fabrics and craftsmanship for this collection.

We choose our fabrics meticulously, understand the handloom process and collaborate with weavers who work with the finest natural wool and cotton sourced from the rich abundance of the Indian heartland. This elegant collection toys with a hide-and-seek palette of the region it is inspired from – playing with icy blues, deep navy, fiery vermilion to red wine, subtle greys and rich black. Apart from signature printed Merino wool scarf, our collection presents a fine felted Cashmere wool in deep winter solids, as well as Melange knit wool with embroideries for men and women. Adding a richer element to the collection also includes a double-faced printed satin silk on one side and crushed velvet, with a silk fringe. 

How many collections a year do you do? What do you consider the biggest achievement of the brand?

We do 2 collections a year – Spring Summer and Fall Winter for Men and Women both showcased exclusively at Paris Fashion week. Stores like Le Bon Marche and Saks Fifth Avenue have supported our work and have chosen to work with us on special collaborations.