Meet the graffiti artist who tricked out ELLE’s 250th issue cover

An illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer, Sajid Wajid Shaikh’s experiments with art and design are as unique as it gets. Whether he’s using embroidery as a medium, making sculptures or creating portraits out of scrap material, his novel approach towards art is building a culture that’s exclusive to creativity and emotions. “What excites me most about art is how it can represent human conditions without putting words to it,” says Sajid.

The artist, who has also illustrated zodiac signs for ELLE’s astrology page back in 2016, showed us his creative potential with his interpretation of our 250th cover issue, which was inspired by the theory of time. “According to Einstein, time is relative. The passage of time depends on how fast the subject is moving. When you’re doing something you love, you lose track of time, and that is how I imagined ELLE completing its 250th issue.”

elle magazine flat

Sajid’s artwork for the cover sees cracked and warped marks around the model that represent time. Eyes are drawn with clocks instead of the pupil to suggest how time has gone in the blink of an eye. “For me, this cover issue represents organised chaos. I’ve also made a small illustration of the model next to her that shows the shift of an idea from a sketch to reality. At the start, ELLE too was the germ of an idea that turned into reality, and today, they’ve created history with 250 issues,” he says. 




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