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Meet Fossil’s curious cast

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Jason Biggs

Actor, Man of character

Once upon an American Pie Jason Biggs broke the mould and has kept us laughing ever since. Gone on to star as a husband on famed Netflix hit– Orange Is The New Black, and an actual famous husband in real life to wife Jenny Mollen, Jason continues to turn the awkwardly funny dial wherever he goes, especially at the holiday kids’ table.

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Jenny Mollen            

Author, Comedian

Double-troubling as an actress and New York Times bestselling author, Jenny ‘unfiltered but- so-fulfilling’ Mollen never fails to deliver. Writing her way through real life with husband Jason Biggs, her delightful over-share stream of consciousness gives us all something to relate to (other than our relatives) this holiday.


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Leandra Madine

Founder of Man Repeller

Clever rebels intrigue us and Leandra Medine is one we can’t seem to get enough of. Leandra has become the pied piper for the stylishly curious, launching her satirical website for serious fashion– Man Repeller, which wields the influence of a fashion magazine. Leandra’s personal style has been characterized as wonk chic, eccentric glamour, and boyish feminism. Her daily posts and wit keep us inspired, laughing and feeling fashionably liberated. Lead the way, Leandra, lead the way.


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Ryan Duffy

Investigative Adventurist

When it comes to curiosity, journalist Ryan Duffy is fearless. Need a rabbit hole accomplice? Ryan’s your man. He once was curious about what being shot felt like, so he took a bullet for the team. Pick a hot spot in the world: North Korea, Venezuela, the rainforests of Peru, Ryan’s not afraid to bend rules and break boundaries to find captivating stories. And we’re thrilled to have him be part of our story for Holiday ’15.


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