Meet Sensible Simmi

01 SLIDERS sensible simmi

Simmi Khanna, 28, is the most sensible girl in all of Safdarjung. She just cannot help it. Good sense is to Simmi what his handlebar is to Sunil Sethi – the two are inseparable. Now her friends have told Simmi that FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week is no place for someone such as herself, but this logical ladki is determined to sit (many rows behind) front row and love all the S/S ’16 shows. See her top picks from day 1:



0638 ShivanNarresh small

It is high time leg braces were embraced by fashion; style should be for all. This is a good initiative. Orthopaedic-chic could take off.



0308 Vaishali S 

This one combines my two favourites – saris and turtlenecks! But the designer’s cat should not have been allowed to scratch at it like this. Cats need to be disciplined.



0075 Sanjay Garg 

This is great for times when you don’t want people to know you have hands. Or curves. Or skin. Take the metro after 7pm and you’ll know how valuable that is.



0174 Anavila 

I know that look. I often have it myself. It’s the “Don’t you come close to my all-white outfit with that curry!” look. Good thinking carrying that towel on her shoulder. Be prepared, I always say.

Illustration: Arushi Kathuria; Photographs: Gulshan Sachdeva

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