Meghan Markle’s royal wardrobe costs Rs 18 lakh; who is footing the bill?

In her first nine royal events with Prince Harry, Markle has worn over $28,688 (approx 18 lakh) worth of clothes. For reference, while not technically a royal, service-focused engagement, her Christmas service outfit was a whopping $10,000 alone (approx Rs 6,49,650) But who is dropping their credit card at the Kensington Palace Nordstrom for this attire? The Queen?

Turns out, Markle and Harry have bought all of the clothes themselves, People reports. Royals do not accept designer clothes for free.

Unlike Kate Middleton, Markle also cannot buy clothing with the money that Prince Charles gives Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Harry from his $28 million (Rs 1,81,82,24,800) Duchy of Cornwall income. People details that last year, the three royals drew from a fund of about $4.8 million (Rs 31,17,09,120) to cover their public life expenses, including salary and office costs.

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She’ll be able to access these funds after the wedding. But until May 19, everything is coming out of her suit(s)pocket.

What’s more, Markle isn’t necessarily shopping for her clothes herself, either. She likely has an assistant, like Middleton does, who calls in several options from designers. Middleton’s assistant Natasha Archer will return outfits KMidd doesn’t wear, and the family will pay for the one she does.

According to Money, income-wise, Markle earned an estimated $50,000 (Rs 32,48,250) per episode at the end of her Suits contract. Her annual salary, with some additional income from film roles, is about $4,50,000 (Rs 2,92,34,250) per year. Prince Harry, conversely, is worth about $25 million (Rs 1,62,36,62,500) at the very least, and that’s a conservative estimate on Money‘s part.

While not all the prices of Markle’s clothes are easy to find, here’s a breakdown of what her wardrobe has cost so far from the prices available.

• Markle’s first event at Nottingham: $2,212 (Rs 1,43,702)

Christmas service with the royal family: $9,638 (Rs 6,26,132)

• Markle’s second event, a visit to Reprezent Radio: $1,915 (Rs 1,24,407)

• Markle’s third event at Cardiff Castle: $3,600 (Rs 2,33,874)

• Markle’s fourth event, the Endeavor Fund Awards: $2,275 (Rs 1,47,795)

• Markle’s fifth event, a visit to Edinburgh around Valentine’s Day: $3,276 (Rs 2,12,825)

• Markle’s sixth event, the Royal Foundation Forum: $1,795 (Rs 1,16,612)

• Markle’s seventh event, a visit to Birmingham: $2,778 (Rs 1,80,472)

Commonwealth Day with the Queen: $1,199 (Rs 77,893 — that’s just the price of her coat)

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