All the bridal mehendi inspiration you need this season Advertisement

All the bridal mehendi inspiration you need this season

From white henna to mandala designs — there's something for every bride

By Shweta Gandhi  October 25th, 2017

As far as Indian wedding traditions go, applying mehendi on your hands and legs before you get married is a good omen. According to early Vedic customs, mehendi was symbolic of the sun that awakened your inner light. With the wedding season upon us, every bride wishes to have a meaningful mehendi design that’s personal but still impactful. Whether you want to stick to traditional patterns like peacocks and floral artwork or try the latest designs like dreamcatchers or mandalas, our bridal mehendi guide will inspire you to find a match that best suits your style.

If you think mehendi is a cumbersome process, ask for white henna instead. This can easily be washed off. For brides who love everything that dazzles, you will find your calling in glitter mehendi. And if you want to add some colour to your mehendi, opt for easy-to-use stickers.

13 mehendi trends for the wedding season:

Arm mehendi

This armour-inspired design is for the experimental bride. Another benefit? You are free to use your hands.

Forearm mehendi

Accessorise with an intricate dreamcatcher mehendi design.

Matching hand and leg floral mehendi

This matching henna pattern mimics the appearance of lace stockings and gloves. 


Symmetrical mehendi

Mirror images, just like you and your significant other. 


Jaali mehendi

Complement your bridal lehenga with a jaali-inspired design.


White mehendi

Unlike regular mehendi, white henna sticks on with adhesive and can be removed as and when you wish. 


Sticker mehendi

Add sheen to your bridal mehendi with easy-to-use stickers.



Nail art mehendi

The upside of this style is that your manicure matches the colour of your mehendi. The downside, however, is that it will take weeks to wear off. 



Glitter mehendi

You can get away with being ostentatious on your wedding day, so why not take advantage of it.

Maximal mehendi

Hearts, flowers, leaves, cutwork, your initials... don't leave anything out — it's your wedding, after all. 


Minimal mehendi

Don't like going OTT? Keep it simple with a minimal design.


Mandala mehendi

A mandala is a powerful spiritual symbol that represents the universe — how much more meaningful can your bridal mehendi get? 



Peacock design mehendi

Peacocks are a symbol of beauty, which explains why they're such a popular motif among Indian brides.