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Mercury Is In Retrograde On Valentine’s Day. Here’s What That Means for Your Relationships

Plus: How to avoid your V-day turning into D-day

By Nishtha Bhalla  February 10th, 2021

Has life been feeling a little off lately? Have you been running late to work? Have you been blowing up at the smallest things? Well, same. Usually, we’d make excuses about how things have just been difficult lately (and they have been!). This time though, it’s because the stars aren’t aligning – quite literally. Ring the alarm bells, and draw your curtains because it’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s least-favourite, troublemaker of a planet, good old Mercury is in retrograde. And it just so happens that this year, it’s taking over our Valentine’s day. What could go wrong, right?

Mercury in retrograde

Well, it turns out a whole lot *cues internal groaning*. Let’s get real, Valentine’s day is a minefield on its own, chock-full of things that could go wrong. And with Mercury in retrograde? We’re picturing date disasters and romantic ruins of apocalyptic proportions. As Mercury went into retrograde on the 30th of January, it’s here to stay ’til the 20th of February – which means that V-Day falls smack in the middle of the cursed period. And if you think cursed is an over-exaggeration, wait until you read what it could mean for your relationships. But don’t worry, you don’t have to lock yourself up in your room until further notice just yet. We’ve got your back, and while everything falls apart, we’re also giving you a few pro-tips to keep it together.

1. Communication Breakdowns

Mercury is the planet of communication in astrology, so this comes as no surprise. Mercury in retrograde means massive miscommunication, and you may already be sensing shifts in your love life – whether it’s a misunderstanding with a partner or a missed love connection.

How to avoid it: Choose your words wisely! Be extra careful, especially through virtual mediums where people can’t discern your body language and tone. It’s going to be super easy to say something you don’t mean or misinterpret something your crush or partner says, so watch out for that. And maybe, just maybe, think twice before sending that 2 AM ‘I miss you’ text.

2. Plans Falling Through

It’s hard enough to get a reservation at a restaurant on V-day. But our pal, Mercury, just made it harder. Since there’s going to be miscommunications all around, this extends onto the plans you make as well – be it a staycation, or an intimate meal. Expect dinner plans to fall through, reservations to mysteriously get cancelled, and of course, skyrocketing stress levels.

How to avoid it: Follow up, follow up, follow up! Confirm every single thing you’re planning, even if you have to do it thrice. It might seem annoying, but it’s for the best. Alternatively, plan things that are low-stress to avoid situations like this in the first place. Or, the best option yet – stay under the covers and have a movie marathon, with a bottle of wine and takeout.

3. Exes Sliding Into Your DMs

Come Valentine’s day, and the dreaded ‘I’ve been thinking about you’ texts from exes come like clockwork. And with Mercury in retrograde? Your chances of old-flames resurfacing just went up a few hundred notches. The only difference this time is that you might actually be tempted to hit them up, and maybe even rekindle something.

How to avoid it: Stay strong! Take notes from history, and remind yourself that there’s a reason you broke up. You’re better than being someone’s last resort, and you need to take pride in the fact that this is a situation you came out of stronger. But if the situation seems a little too tempting, and oh, did he just get a haircut that makes him look oh-so-cute? Airplane mode all the way. Don’t give in!

Mercury in retrograde

4. Texting (And Tech) Mishaps

Since our primary modes of communication have turned digital, it comes as no surprise that Mercury’s going to mess around with our virtual communication. Want to communicate something over text? Great, it’s been misconstrued. Want to surprise your partner with some spicy sexting? Whoop, wrong person. Meeting a date for the first time? Awesome, your phone’s suddenly glitching and refuses to work – good luck finding them now. Tech mishaps are a common occurrence when Mercury’s in retrograde, so… there’s another thing to look forward to, I guess?

How to avoid it: Be extra vigilant. Check your phone’s battery obsessively, carry a charger or a battery back-up wherever you go, triple-check that text message, and ensure the recipient is the right person before you hit send. It might sound annoying, but you’ll thank us for it!

5. BFF Troubles

Since Mercury’s in retrograde in the zodiac sign Aquarius, which, BTW, is the sign of friendship, there could be some squad drama that’s sure to be a buzzkill. Your single friends might also throw shade at the fact that you’re all boo-d up, so tread lightly with platonic friendships.

How to avoid it: Send your besties some extra love! Plan a low-key Galentine’s day with your BFFs to make sure there are no hard feelings that someone might be harbouring, and feel all the fuzzy feels.

6. *Gasps* Break-ups…? 

Don’t start writing me a strongly worded email about how you and your partner are soulmates, and how this point is a lie – if your relationship didn’t start during the retrograde period, you’re probably OK. If you started swiping on dating apps closer to the retrograde period or started a new romance this month, I have bad news for you: It’s probably not gonna last. Mercury in retrograde makes us all a little impulsive, and not think things through.

How to avoid it: Lay off the dating apps for a while. Sure, flings are great but don’t expect anything long-term coming out of this period. If it’s an ex, you’re thinking of dating again? See point number three.

mercury in retrograde