Mi Ikigai’s floral décor pieces deserve a spot in your festive gifting guide

Diwali is just around the corner and if you’re fretting about getting your friends and family the perfect gift, we’re here to help. Artisanal paper floral studio Mi Ikigai’s new festive line features candle holders, centrepieces, wall hangings and valences that exude luxury. The collection has been created using an amalgamation of different materials such as paper, metal and macramé. Founded by Uurmi Bhatia, Mi Ikigai aims to add the value of craft back into our everyday lives. 

rose petalimage

What’s more, these pieces (starting at Rs 1,500) won’t find themselves neglected after the festive season – they can be used as décor elements all year round. The studio exquisitely handcrafts every single paper flower with special attention to ensure durability. Enough to make you forget fresh flowers that don’t last for more than a few days…

candle holder

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the collection here

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