You won't believe what Michael Kors was nearly called Advertisement

You won’t believe what Michael Kors was nearly called

That definitely wouldn't have worked in India

By Hasina Khatib  April 12th, 2017

What happens when you lock actress Blake Lively alone in a room with designer Michael Kors? Truth bombs, everywhere. From the revelation that Blake’s first ever kiss was on camera at the age of 16, to the fact that her childhood crush was anchor David Letterman whom she liked for his sense of humour. (Explains her choice of life partner, if you ask us.)

And that was just the warm up. Over the course over their fact-or-fiction game, Michael Kors revealed that his label was very nearly called Chooch Anderson. “You could have been wearing head-to-toe Chooch Anderson right now,” he informed an aghast Blake. Crisis was thankfully averted, and the label was ultimately called Michael Kors. Just as well, because declaring that your new designer bag is an original ‘Chooch Anderson’ in India would have turned into all kinds of embarrassing. 

Watch Blake Lively play fact or fiction with Michael Kors: