4 reasons Mindy Kaling is going to be the coolest mom around Advertisement

4 reasons Mindy Kaling is going to be the coolest mom around

Little Katherine is a lucky tot

By Ruman Baig  December 21st, 2017

Earlier this week, actress-writer-bosslady Mindy Kaling gave birth to a daughter, Katherine Swati Kaling. The star has been very private about her entire pregnancy, even choosing to conceal the identity of her firstborn’ father. But nothing about this celebrity pregnancy has been conventional. To start with, her pregnancy announcement was made by none other than Oprah Winfrey, who also happens to be her co-star in the upcoming movie, A Wrinkle in Time.

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Oprah Winfrey should announce all celebrity baby births, from here on out 

No knock on any other parent, but little Katherine is lucky to have Mindy Kaling as a mom. Here’s why:

  • Playing the hilariously awkward Dr. Lahiri on her popular sitcom, The Mindy Project, the star trashes outdated societal taboos onscreen as much as she does in real life. The Indian-American actress was one of the first to really shatter the stereotypical characters offered to actors of Indian origin, in part by writing her own roles.
  • While her short stature, curvy figure and dark skin make her a far cry from the cookie-cutter TV stars we can’t tell apart, Mindy’s unwavering confidence and poise offer a major lesson in self-love. She inspires regular women to see beyond the narrow perceptions of beauty perpetuated by the glamour industry, and embrace their individuality.
  • Mindy wears many feathers in her crowded cap — she’s an actor, writer and a creative producer of her own show. So baby Katherine doesn’t have to look any further for a powerful, multitasking, talented role model to look up to.  

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  • This kid is also going to be raised by the coolest aunts on the block. Having worked on women-centric projects throughout her career, Mindy has made lifelong friends in equally influential ladies from the business. Can we see Reese Witherspoon stepping in on diaper duty while Oprah teacher her how to throw shade like a proper diva? Also, where do we sign up?

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