Amazon acquires the rights to Mindy Kaling's new movie Advertisement

Amazon acquires the rights to Mindy Kaling’s new movie

After a bidding war at Sundance Film Festival

By ELLE team  January 30th, 2019

Amazon has bought the North American distribution rights for Late Night for a reported $13 million (approx INR 92.43 crores). Mindy Kaling is one of the producers and lead actors of Late Night, a comedy directed by Nisha Ganatra. The movie stars Emma Thompson as a late night talk show host who hires Kaling as a diversity writer after she’s accused of not including people of colour in her team.

“It seems fitting that this film written by, directed by and focused on women will be shared with the world by a studio that is anchored by another incredible female,” Kaling said in a statement. “Also, I have spent a fortune on Amazon, so it’s nice to see them reciprocate.” Veteran TV executive Jennifer Salke runs Amazon Studios and has called the film an “incisive workplace comedy” that “reinvents tropes about women.” Late Night is one of this year’s biggest deals at Sundance Film Festival.

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In an interview, Kaling says, “Everyone thought the first thing I would write would be a romantic comedy because I love them so much, but this is a workplace movie… I’ve always wanted to write something that talked about my first couple of years being in Hollywood, when I had no friends and no connections that could help me in any way.” She added that it was the first time in a script that she fully identified with her character as well as Thompson’s character.