The beauty IV — a celebrity favourite — is now in India Advertisement

The beauty IV — a celebrity favourite — is now in India

The fountain of youth now in an IV bag

By ELLE team  September 19th, 2017

Like the latest pair of shoes or sunglasses, celebrities all tend to jump on beauty trends. Or start them. Think back to Baywatch era when the boob job became the next big thing, thanks to Kim Kardashian. Or more recently, the Kardashian takeover that commenced a tsunami of lip fillers and butt lifts. Celebrities are now moving out from under the knife onto less invasive procedures to keep them looking younger for longer. The latest in trending techniques is the intravenous mineral and vitamin trend. Essentially, it involves an IV drip filled with a cocktail of vitamins designed to help boost your energy, appearance and even get rid of your hangover. Celebrities like Rihanna, Simon Cowell and Chrissy Teigen have all jumped onto the IV trend already, and dermatology clinics in India have launched the treatment here too.

What are the various types of boosters available?

While the minerals and vitamins being put into your IV bag are customised to your requirements, there are standardised IV treatments offered too. The three most popular treatments are the energy boost, the glow option and the recovery option. Each IV cocktail consists of different vitamins and minerals, depending on what you are looking for.

The energy booster IV

Like a shot of RedBull with the added chemicals and the effects last for a few days. The added boost of energy is a result of B-complex, magnesium, zinc and other vitamins that help the body's functioning. This is an S.O.S IV treatment to be done when you're running on depleted energy sources or feeling drained. The IV works as a supplement for the vitamins your body has used up or is running out of. Unlike oral supplements, the effects of the shot kick in within 30 minutes to an hour. The cocktail isn't supposed to be a long-term fix but it does help your body replenish and prevents you from falling ill from stretching yourself too thin.

The glowing skin IV

This is like a facial from the inside, if such a thing was possible. The shot is designed to help rejuvenate tired skin and boost cell renewal. "Especially in a place where there is a lot of pollution, your skin experiences oxidative damage," explains Dr Lohia. That means your skin is already using all its antioxidants to combat your environment so by the time it comes to renewing itself, most of your oxidants have been used up. This IV is used to boost antioxidants that help renew your skin cells. The infusion consists of vitamins and oxidants already present in your blood stream like glutathione, vitamin c and collagen. Aside from making your skin look better, the shot could help reverse pigmentation. The infusion renews skin cells and restores it to its original state and so reverses any effects sun damage, pollution and chemicals may have had on your skin. This IV treatment is required twice a months for visible change, once every two weeks.

The rehab IV

Another S.O.S shot recommended to be taken after you've seriously damaged your body or pushed it to its natural limit. This can be used in the case of extreme jet lag, long hour days, dehydration and is popularly used for hangovers. The infusion isn't a long-term fix but does speed up the process of recovery by replenishing minerals that you've lost. Unlike the previous two options, this consists of more minerals and salts than vitamins. This IV drip may effectively end the Hangover series.

What is the difference between oral consumption and intravenous?

“In oral consumption, the bio availability of the minerals and vitamins is only at about 5% to 30%,” says Dr Kiran Lohia of the Lumiere Dermatology clinic in Delhi, which has just relaunched their treatment in a big way. “Your body doesn’t absorb the full amount of nutrition available to it, the process is longer and it takes more time to see physical results. The IV drip is designed to be absorbed directly by your blood and is fast-acting. Since it is direct, the body absorbs 100% of the vitamins.” 

How often should you get it and how much does it cost?

If you can afford the treatments at roughly Rs 5,000 a pop, the recommended frequency is no more than once every two weeks.